Swiss Turning Service

Swiss Machining

Swiss machining, also known as Swiss turning, is a high-precision CNC process carried out on specialized turning machines designed to produce small and intricate parts. These Swiss lathes operate with incredibly tight tolerances and shorter cycle times compared to conventional lathes, making them ideal for manufacturing complex parts in larger volumes.

TDB excels in the precision manufacturing of intricate machined components with the latest, cutting-edge Swiss lathes. Our state-of-the-art CNC workcenters provide highly accurate, close-tolerance turning operations, ensuring unmatched efficiency and repeatability.

Multi-Spindle Swiss Turning Services with 7-Axis CNC Machining

At TDB, our full-service CNC machine shop excels in delivering highly accurate and efficient Swiss turning solutions. By utilizing multi-spindle Swiss lathes with multi-axis machining capabilities, we significantly reduce cycle times and overall production costs. For intricate components and assemblies that demand complex designs and tight tolerance geometries, our 7-axis CNC Swiss turning services provide the precision and quality your products deserve.

CNC Swiss Turned Copper Part

Swiss Screw Machining Capabilities

TDB’s Swiss turning department can handle material diameters up to 32mm, accommodating both shaped and extruded workpieces within this range. Our Swiss lathes efficiently process both solid stock and tubing, ensuring versatility and precision in every project.

Custom Swiss Turning Solutions for Diverse Material Applications

We offer a wide variety of materials for CNC prototyping and complex part production. For your manufacturing needs, we provide instant quotes on over 100 metals and plastics, each accompanied by authentic material reports.

CNC Machining Surface Finishing

CNC machining leaves visible machining marks as it shapes the material. These marks can be removed using various surface finishes, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the part. TDB ‘s CNC Machining Services in Vietnam offers a wide range of standard surface finishes and can help you select a unique finish for your custom parts.