5- Why do I need a Professional Machining Shop?

1. Overall Excellence

From machining to painting to impregnating to balancing (and much more), a high-end CNC machine shop is proud to be a one-stop-shop for a customer’s machining needs. That, however, requires not only CNC machining but also sourcing from vendors that supply materials, services, equipment, and support.

A shop is only as strong as its weakest link, as customers judge the performance of an entire project, not just machining. That’s why vendor scorecards are so important. They evaluate on-time deliveries, pricing, and quality, which either accentuate the benefits of a great relationship or shine a light on a poor one.

Overall excellence can also been measured by a shop’s longevity, with some shops celebrating 50 years of success in the CNC precision machining world. Also, look for a shop that’s recognized by industry peers, such as Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops in the U.S.

2. Partnership > Vendor Relationship

While we’ve framed this discussion around strong vendor relationships, the best ones are quite more than that; they become mutually beneficial partnerships.

The only way to elevate to that level is to excel in two key factors: communication (timelines, project details, challenges, etc.) and transparency (capacity, budgeting, financial stability, etc.). Yes, these require time to develop, but it’s obvious when two sides are moving in the same, common direction.

Many partnerships develop with local vendors. Both the machine shop and the vendor are dedicated to supporting the local economy, plus projects are easier to manage, lead times are shorter, and transportation costs are lower. Yet, of course, partnerships are not entirely dependent on location.

3. Momentum

Openness inspires more openness, and success drives more success. When vendor relationships are strong, they naturally develop momentum and grow. Momentum inspires companies to go above and beyond. When a machine shop vendor receives consistent orders and on-time payments, a rush project is seen as an opportunity to perform and impress a valued partner, not as a headache.

Yet, how can you predict if a new relationship has the potential to develop into a true partnership? The vetting process can be lengthy and in-depth, covering many aspects of a business relationship. If the vendor isn’t already ISO- or IATF-certified, the machine shop will perform a full site audit to ensure their quality meets its standards.