Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy at TDB Hanoi

Right to protect the interests of customers and convenient in buying and selling, TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd.- Supplier: CNC utility products, CNC milling products, Inspection and machining jigs. In addition, it is possible to process and manufacture leading computers in Vietnam, please refer to our warranty policy.

1: Time security

All items provided by us are covered by a free warranty of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months (each product, excluding processed items) from the date of delivery and complete installation.

2: Confidentiality condition

Products in warranty period:

We will carry out a full technical safety warranty against manufacturing and installation defects.

Products and goods warranties must still have their warranty stamps, product stamps and receipts proving that you have purchased goods from us.

For foreign objects such as: Fracture, breakage, deformation, fire, water damage and other cases not covered by the warranty, we will support repair but the buyer must pay the cost. actual cost of consulting spare parts; Free worker warranty (if possible).
Edit or Replace new with the price priority when all time time protection: For products offered by us, I will continue to support the customer, however, we will continue to support the customer the fee will be based on actual repair equipment.
3: Time security

Watch within 48 hours of receiving the customer’s written notice, our warranty department, the product’s defect does not meet the quality as stated.

4: Security requires instructions

You can call the company’s design department to request the earliest remedy!

TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd specializes in providing CNC products, CNC products and industrial automation materials.

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