Top Precision CNC Machining Workshop in HCM City

Top Precision CNC Machining Workshop in HCM City

Top Precision CNC Machining Workshop in HCM City


Top Precision CNC Machining Workshop in HCM City

Mechanical engineering is a field with great potential for development when its application field is increasing, so it will not be surprising if mechanical processing companies in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh grew up quickly. To be able to compete well, businesses must continuously invest in facilities, train professional workers and improve many other factors. So in the context of the explosion of hundreds of businesses every year, which units should cooperate, let’s review the top 10 with Viet Son below.

1. Viet Son’s processing workshop

Born with the desire to contribute to the country’s mechanical industry with the best services in the era of rapid socialization. Thanks to foresight and always ready for long-term strategies, Viet Son can now proudly affirm that this is a prestigious unit specializing in providing the following services:
Production and construction of steel buildings.
Mechanical engineering machine by CNC machining method.
Solar frame production and construction
In particular, Viet Son is also famous for its super-weight CNC machining service with the largest bed milling machine system in Vietnam, which can perform well on products with a volume of up to 12 tons and a length of 12m. . The results achieved ensure aesthetic factors and high accuracy.
The biggest plus point of Viet Son, which is trusted by partners, is owning a factory with a large area, up to 11,000 m2, and modern facilities and machines that are always maintained and upgraded in stages. More than when the enterprise still has a team of skilled workers of more than 50 people, able to handle the stages requiring high technology and perfect use of specialized mechanical tools.
In addition, when coming to Viet Son, businesses will be consulted in detail about services and costs for each stage and necessary contracts. All terms will be discussed and written up after the approval of both parties, thereby, limiting hidden terms unfavorable to customers in the cooperation process.

2. Minh Quan Trading And Construction Mechanical Co., Ltd

Minh Quan architects built the project
Minh Quan was established in 2012, so far, it has been around for nearly 10 years in the mechanical industry and has cooperated with hundreds of large and small units such as: TPC Vina, Hitachi, An Long … in 2 main areas: Gia mechanical engineering & tank manufacturing and civil construction services…
In order to bring in many lucrative contracts, the business has always developed based on the motto “Safety – Quality – Progress – Environment” in each project with the following outstanding advantages:
Good product quality: each finished product manufactured by Minh Quan is strictly inspected and monitored under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system that meets international standards and is tested before being put into operation.
Skilled workers: with nearly 10 years of experience in the profession, the company continuously trains and holds hundreds of skilled workers with long-term skills and good professional knowledge.
Competitive and clear prices: each item will have a different price and businesses always seek to minimize costs while ensuring quality for customers, as well as clear payment in each stage.

3. Double CO., LTD

Double C architects are operating the machines
Double C is known for its CNC Machining fields, providing engineering services and specialized jigsaw machine design. The business mainly operates in the Japanese market and foreign companies are headquartered in Vietnam.
The advantages of Double C that businesses trust and choose for long-term cooperation include:
Precision mechanical processing according to customer requirements from simple to complex details.
Diverse detail processing methods.
Equipment is fully invested, including Hitachi milling machines, Moriseiki lathes and other supporting tools in the construction process such as drilling, awl, grinding …
Is a familiar name of enterprises in high-tech and export processing zones.

4. Tran Hung Manufacturing – Trading – Service Co., Ltd

Tran Hung Company chooses raw materials
In 2007, Tran Hung Company was born with the main activity of gas processing. Thanks to the position established in the early years of the industry, the business has been around for more than 10 years, serving a wide range of customers from small businesses to multinational corporations. However, not because of that, the company is always happy in the achievements, they are always diligent in training and producing high quality products, satisfying even the most demanding customers. In particular, the machinery system is invested by enterprises, replaced when necessary and maintained continuously.
Currently, Tran Hung owns strong services including:
Precision mechanical processing by laser, plasma cutting.
Cushion U, V, L, Z by size

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