Precision CNC Turned Parts

Precision CNC Turned Parts

Product Description

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Precision turning is a manufacturing process that fabricates cylindrical parts with high precision and accuracy. Critical in this process is ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the turned parts produced, as well as their repeatability throughout the production batch.

The process is a variation of CNC turning. It involves the controlled cutting of material from a blank to achieve the designed shape of the manufactured part. In this case, the blank, in the form of a bar, performs a rotary motion, and the tool moves along it, cutting successive layers of material until the finished part is obtained.

In the precision turning process, a computer numerical control (CNC) system is used to control the movement of the tool and the rotation of the workpiece. This allows for precise and accurate control of the machining process, which is important when creating precision-turned parts with very small dimensions.

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The second group of machine tools used for precision turning are CNC automatic lathes. These are specialized machines designed for manufacturing small, complex parts in large quantities. Their advantage is the extensive automation capabilities of the production process, including material feeding. This allows for very efficient parts manufacturing.

Used for precision turning

Precision turning is carried out on special machine tools, which belong to two main groups of machines. The first group is CNC machining centers, which allow the machining of larger-sized parts and have extensive capabilities for performing multiple operations in a single workpiece fixture.

Material Experiences

In the process of precision-turned parts manufacturing, we have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials, including: Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum,…

Precision turning is one of the most versatile and efficient manufacturing methods. This makes turned parts found in a great many products around us.