Milling turning CNC series large

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facility manufacturing: 10.000 / month

Deliver condition: EXW, FOB or CIF

Deliver time : 20-25 day

Packaging conditions: Plastic tray, paper box

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Milling turning CNC series large

Milling turning CNC series large in Sidoki Vietnam, with vision Sidoki is producer mechanical details and industrial auxiliary. With a background in precision machining and extensive experience in mass production. Sidoki Vietnam has quickly developed into a company specializing in mass production of mechanical components and exporting to many countries around the world such as the US, Japan, EU, Canada,…

1. Product description of Milling turning CNC series large

Type. Milling turning CNC series large
Tolance +/-0.005
Material Manufacture  Stainless Steel: SS201,SS301,SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416 etc.
 Steel: mild steel, Carbon steel, 4140, 4340, Q235, Q345B, 20#, 45# etc.
 Aluminum: AL6061, Al6063, AL6082, AL7075, AL5052, A380 etc.
 Brass: HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90 etc.
 Copper: C11000,C12000,C12000, C36000 etc.
 Plastic: ABS, PC, PE, POM, Delrin, Nylon, PP, Peek etc.
 Other: Titanium,etc.
Face handling  Stainless Steel:Polishing, Passivating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving, Oxide black, Electrophoresis black
 Steel: Zinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Carburized, Powder Coated, Heat treatment.
 Aluminum:Clear Anodized, Color Anodized, Sandblast Anodized, Chemical Film, Brushing, Polishing.
 Brass: Nickel plating, chrome plating, Electrophoresis black, Oxide black, Powder coated.
 Plastic:Plating gold (ABS), Painting, Brushing (Acylic), aser engraving.
Drawing  jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc
Quality equipment  CMM, Digital Height Gauge, caliper, Coordinate measuring machine, projecter machine, roughness tester, hardness tester and so on
MOQ  1 piece
Deliver  10-15 day
Quality process  Conducted by ISO9001 System and PPAP Quality control documents
Stage check  IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
Service Enthusiastic and quick response service provided by sales professionals.

Export sales team with years of experience in handling exports to USA, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions.

2. Check process

  • QC staff have rich experience to check the product’s dimension, surface and performance according to drawing specification.
  • IQC is experienced to check the size and surface of incoming materials.
  • PQC has the experience to check the whole course during processing.
  • FQC has the experience to inspect all plating products from the outside and do 100% inspection before shipping.

We will process samples and provide them for free with quality control records based on ISO9001:2008. Committed to providing customers with high quality products at the most competitive prices with the desire to accompany customers.

3. Service machining CNC

We can provide high-speed, multi-axis CNC machining solutions to meet most requirements for optimized products, sample parts and single parts. We can machine directly from a customer’s 3D drawing and can supply single, up to large quantities in a wide range of materials, including plastics and metals.

Sidoki Vietnam can also provide surface treatments, such as painting, silk screening, pad printing, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, powder coating, plating, passivation, laser engraving and notching. , etc

If you have a requirement for CNC machining, please contact our team.

4. Strengths

  1. Sidoki commitment: All products manufactured by us are cleaned of sharp edges. All dimensions are controlled according to your drawings. Each product will be fully tested and carefully packed to avoid bumps and rust during transit.
  2. The external control of the machined parts is strictly controlled by us. Each product has its own process tag and flow chart.
  3. Our quality control process is quite strict. Machining parts have to self-inspect during production, we have in-process inspectors and probabilistic testers.
  4. The size of the product should be checked one by one after completing the production and providing the quality report.
  5. The most important point, we are manufactory, not trading company. The price is made up of the actual product and quality. Quality can guarantee higher control than trading company. Competitive price, at least reduce trading company’s service fee.
  6. We have many years of export experience, exporting to America, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions.
  7. Our team is more professional. We have more reasonable price and better quality control than trading company. And our language ability is also diverse.

5. Contact

To ensure your use, please contact us to discuss more technical and operational in use so that we can offer the best solution.

In addition, if you have any other needs, please contact Sidoki Vietnam for advice and support.


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