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Our anodic oxidation requires the workpiece to have good electrical conductivity and less impurity content. 6061 is a low alloy aluminum with much less impurity content than cast aluminum, so this kind of aluminum has good ductility and high conductivity, which is a good choice for anodic oxidation and chemical polishing. The so-called T6 treatment is a heat treatment, rolling, solution treatment and aging treatment is its main process. These steps are to make the internal metallographic changes in aluminum alloy, up to the aim of high intension and non-deformation in a long time.


Custom CNC Lathe Machine Parts

In addition to the tattoo machine shell, many aluminum products are used in our industrial automation equipment as accessories or supports. CNC turning processing aluminum alloy own the characteristics of aesthetics, light, easy to form, and hardness is also relatively large. There are many customers in consulting CNC turning aluminum parts, we will generally ask whether the surface needs anodizing? Because the anode oxidation has more than one process, the price is not the same. So why do industrial aluminum materials need anodizing?

1.Improve corrosion resistance, in fact, aluminum alloy is a kind of corrosion resistant metal, because aluminum is very active, especially easy to produce alumina chemical reaction with oxygen in the air. And the alumina film is transparent, so the human eye is very difficult to see. This thin layer of alumina film just isolates the air so that the aluminum matrix is no longer oxidized, so it plays a role in corrosion resistance. So naturally generated oxide membranes can play an antioxidant role, why do you need anode oxidation? On the one hand, it is because of the uneven oxide film formed naturally, resulting in different shades of aluminum alloy surface color, unaesthetic; On the other hand, the natural formed oxide film is very thin, easy to be scratched, corrosion resistance is relatively weak,and the anodic oxidation produced by artificial oxidation film, uniform, compact and more corrosion resistant.

2.Improved wearability, aluminum materials are particularly vulnerable to scratches and wear, aluminum alloy hardness after all, can not be compared with steel. The surface of the anodized industrial aluminum profile is very hard, and the hardness of the oxide film can reach 300HV. So very wear-resistant, not easy to scratch.

4.Improved insulation, we know that aluminum conducts electricity very well, but aluminum profiles need to be insulated in some cases. The aluminum profile oxide film of anode oxidation is not conductive, so anode oxidation treatment is required if insulation is required.

3.The surface of decorative aluminum products is colored. Before the anodized sealing of aluminum, the surface will have many and dense pores, and it is easy to adsorb some metal salts or dyes. Thus, the surface of aluminum products form a colorful color.

5.In order to paint the base, some industrial aluminum profile surface need painting treatment.The surface voids of the anodized aluminum profiles have strong adsorption, which makes the spray paint more uniform and aesthetic.

The above is Yijin hardware summarized some of the benefits of anodic oxidation treatment, of course, far more than these, anodic oxidation in addition to widely used in the industrial field, in the field of science and technology is also highly favored. It is believed that in the future, aluminum alloy anode oxidation process will be applied to more fields.

Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Carbon Steel, Titanium alloy,Iron, Carbon Fiber, Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo, Wood, Acrylic Etc.

Precision: The accuracy requirement is ± 0.002mm, Surface Roughness is Ra0.8-3.2 μm.

Processing: CNC lathe, CNC milling and turning, grinding, bending, stamping,casting, etc.

Surface Treatment: Oxidation, hard Anodizing, Zinc-plated, nickel plated, chrome-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated, etc.


Application:Electronics, Communication, Auto parts, furniture, Military, Aerospace, Nagivtation, Health Care, Infrastructure etc.