CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft

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Our CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft is made from high-quality metal materials, known for their strength and durability. This makes them ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver top-quality shafts that exceed our customers’ expectations. With our focus on quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that our CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft will deliver the performance you need to take your project to the next level.

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CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft

The most important characteristic of high manganese steel is that under the condition of strong impact and extrusion, work hardening phenomenon occurs rapidly on the surface, so that it still maintains the good toughness and plasticity of austenite in the heart, and it also shows that the hardened layer has good properties of wear resistance. This is not possible with other materials.
However, the wear resistance of high manganese steel only shows its superiority under the condition of sufficient work hardening, and poor in other cases.

Typical Mn17 wear-resistant high manganese steel is added manganese content on the basis of Mn13 steel, which not only improves the stability of austenite and prevents the precipitation of carbides, but also improves the strength and plasticity of steel, as well as the work hardening ability and wear resistance of steel. For example, the service life of ZGMn18 railway fork used in north China is 20%~25% higher than that of ZGMn13.

CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft

We also have the required production capacity to handle various requirements across the world. This is because our factory has different sections to handle various types of CNC machining parts that are demanded by our customers. Let us briefly list down the various facilities that we have for catering to the ever-growing demand of our customers.

Our full fledged workshop is spread over a wide area. It is capable of handling various types of processes. They include taking care of Japan Wire Machine, hand grinding machine, surface polishing machine, high speed punching machine, electric punching machine, etc. We have the right capacity to cater to the increasing needs of our clients.

TDB also has a modern machining workshop with a good capacity for machining various types of machines including boring, drilling, milling, cutting and tapping units. We make use of modern dual axis, three axis and single axis machining techniques. We can handle the minutest machining needs of our clients up to +/- 0.001 mm.

As mentioned earlier above, our electroplating factory is huge and is perhaps one of the biggest in the country. We have incorporated the most modern technology that takes care of various types of electroplating including silver plating, nickel plating, gold plating and palladium plating. We also can offer the best of thick gold treatment, apart from high quality heavy metal treatment.

Further, we also have the best as far as quality testing processes and procedures are concerned. We have a wide range of quality testing equipment that is known for their accuracy and top class precision. Our quality lab can handle large volumes without compromising on the quality of testing under any circumstances.

Mechanical Properties Of CNC Metal Machining Flanged Shaft

①Impact of carbides on properties of high manganese steel: Reduce impact toughness and tensile strength.

②Impact of non-metallic inclusions on properties of high manganese steel: During the solidification of molten steel, a large amount of manganese oxide precipitates on the steel perimeter in the form of non-metallic inclusions, which reduces the impact toughness of steel and increases the tendency of hot crack of casting.

③Selection of chemical composition and its impact on properties of high manganese steel:

Carbon and manganese content: When the carbon content in steel is too low, it is not enough to produce effective work hardening effect. When the carbon content is too high, there will be a lot of carbides in the casting state, especially the coarse carbides. Therefore, in order to avoid the precipitation of carbides, the carbon content must be controlled not being too high.

In order to ensure the performance of high Mn steel, there must be sufficient manganese content. The austenite structure cannot be formed when the manganese content is too low, and the excessive manganese content is also unnecessary. WMn should be controlled at 11.0% ~ 14.0% and WC should be controlled at 0.9% ~ 1.3% in production. It should be pointed out that there should be a proper match between manganese content and carbon content, that is, there should be an appropriate manganese carbon ratio, generally controlled at Mn/C=10.

Silicon content: The specification content of Wsi in high manganese steel is 0.3%-0.8%. Silicon will reduce the solubility of carbon in austenite, promote carbide precipitation, and reduce the wear resistance and impact toughness of steel, so the silicon content should be controlled at the lower limit of specification.

Phosphorus content: The specification content of high manganese steel is Wp≤0.7%. When smelting high manganese steel, due to the high phosphorus content of ferro-manganese, and the phosphorus content in steel is generally high too. Because phosphorus will reduce the impact toughness of steel and cause castings prone to crack, so the phosphorus content of steel should be reduced as much as possible.

Sulphur content: Specifications for high manganese steel are Ws≤0.05%. Because the rich manganese in high manganese steel, most of the sulfur and manganese in the steel combine with each other in the smelting process to form manganese sulfide (MnS) and come into the slag, so the sulfur content in the steel is often low (generally not more than 0.03%). Therefore, the adverse effect of sulfur in high manganese steel is higher than that of phosphorus.

Flanged Shaft’s Application Scope:

Flange shaft is a part connected between shafts, used for the connection between pipe ends. Flanges are also used on equipment. They are used for the connection between two equipment, automobile drive shaft connection, and boat drive shaft connection, such as the flange shaft of the reducer. Flange shaft connection or flange shaft joint refers to the detachable connection which is connected by flange shaft, gasket and bolt as a group of assembly sealing structure.

Flange Shaft’s Use Method

Flanges are used in pairs, threaded flange shafts can be used for low pressure pipes, welded flange shafts are used for pressures above 4 kg. A gasket is placed between the two flanged axles and then bolted. Flanges at different pressures have different thicknesses, therefore the bolts they use are also different.


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Although TDB is not a top 20 cnc machined parts manufacturers in the world, we can be a top 100 cnc machined parts manufacturers in the world. As a top cnc machined parts manufacturer, TDB has experienced the test of time and truth. We are committed to providing customers with the most perfect CNC machining products and the excellent CNC manufacturing services.


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