CNC Machining Parts 6061 T6 Aluminum

This CNC machining part is a precision part used for the packing equipment. With a symmetric appearance, this part has four holes distributed evenly on its sides for dowel installation, so that it is fixed to the packing equipment without rotation.

This part has a circular array torx sunken platform which is used for inlaid installation of the torx shaft part of the packing equipment to achieve high precision fitting. The analysis based on this part’s structure shows that it requires both turning and milling. For such parts, we use so called turning and milling combination.


CNC Machining Parts 6061 T6 Aluminum

Advantages And Features

Compared to conventional CNC machining processes, the turning and milling combination has the following prominent advantages.

(1) Shortening the product manufacturing process chain and improving the production efficiency. Using the turning and milling combination, all or most machining processes can be finished with just one-time setup, greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. This reduces not only the auxiliary production time caused by setup change but also the tooling fixture manufacturing cycle and the waiting time, which can significantly improve production efficiency.

(2) Reducing the times of setup and improving machining precision. Fewer times of setup decrease or avoid the error accumulation due to positioning datum change. Besides, most of the turning and milling combination devices have the online testing function which can achieve in-place testing and precision control for key data in the manufacturing process, so as to improve product machining accuracy.

(3) Reducing floor space and decreasing production costs. Although a single turning and milling combination device has a higher price, overall fixed asset investments, production operations and management costs can be reduced effectively because of a shortened manufacturing process chain, fewer devices required, as well as decreased number of tooling fixtures, workshop floor space and device maintenance costs.

Features Of The Turning And Milling Combination

1. The turning and milling combination center has a high precision built-in spindle.

2. A movable operation panel is used to improve operation efficiency.

3. It is mainly used for manufacturing all kinds of small parts as well as high speed and diverse machining of complex parts.

4. A long complicated machining procedure can be performed only once to achieve product forming, and an automatic feeding device can be equipped to increase efficiency.

5.Materials: cutting, copper, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and teflon.

Differences Between The Turning And Milling Combination Machine And The Machining Center

1. The turning and milling combination center is a machine tool with axis B and axis C linkages which can used for both turning and milling. All or most machining processes of a part can be completed on a turning and milling combination machine tool, so it is also called a small production line. It not only improves product accuracy and machining efficiency but also greatly saves floor space for a company. Only one turning and milling combination machine tool is required for all the machining which used to be performed on several separate machine tools. Divided into vertical turning and milling combination machine tool and horizontal turning and milling combination machine tool, this type of machine tools have been quite popular in developed countries like Japan and European countries. In China, the development of this type of machine tools has just started and is not very fast, because the Chinese operators and engineers treat them like the old ones, causing their functions not to be fully exerted.

2. Supporting milling but not turning, the 5-axis machining center has a lot of limitations during machining. The turning and milling combination can cover the the 5-axis machining center very well, but not vice versa.

In conclusion, compared to separate turning or separate milling or 5-axis or multi-axis machining on a machining center, the turning and milling combination is more comprehensive and more complete and can even be finer. Of course, all of these depend on the capabilities of the CNC machining supplier, so it is very important to choose a powerful CNC machining parts provider.