Aluminum Sign Standoff


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Functional and innovative aluminum sign standoffs are ideal for quick and easy sign mountings.

  • Aluminum sign standoffs offer an elegant mounting solution. Its durability and dependability come from quality anodized aluminum and well-machined crew pole and thread.
  • Shine anode color covering the whole outer plus a CD-pattern cap offer a simple attractive outlook.
  • Through-style design eliminates the need for a frame, enables screws to be secured through the sign, mounting it off the wall for a clean, professional look, comes with clear rubber spacers, making the screw and the item more fit, and not easy to loosen.
  • Applicable for fixing and supporting billboard, wall painting or any other ornaments hanged on the wall of home, display hall, lift, outdoor, suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting of plaques such as company directories, glass panels, photographic frames,logo panels, directional, informational signage and so on.Suitable for company, office, store, supermarket, shops, art exhibition, home.
  • Suitable for various hard surfaces such as acrylic, glass, wood, drywall, concrete, marble and other material, great for glass sign, acrylic sign, indoor and outdoor advertising boards, photos and so on, good choice for office, supermarkets, shops, bedroom and so on, not only beautiful but also practical.Standoff mounting
Item No. Diameter Cap Thickness Spacer Screw Pole Size Bottom Hole Size Max Panel Thickness
AL19-25A 19mm 4mm 20mm Dia. 10mm L17mm 4.6mm 8mm
AL12-25A 12mm 4mm 20mm Dia. 8mm L17mm 4.5mm 8mm

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  1. Minh Nguyen

    brilliant hanging solution for your signs

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