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Precision Stamping Parts

Precision Stamping Parts                                                          


1. metal: Aluminum/Steel/Alloy steel/Stainless steel/Brass, copper, bronze etc.

2. plastic: ABS, POM, PE, PP, PVC, PC, PMMA ,, nylon etc.

3. others: carbon fiber, glass, fiberglass, wood, hard rubber etc.


Silver, Gray, Black ,Gold or as client’s requirement

Surface Roughness

Ra0.4 ( without polishing or grinding)

Logo Method

laser engraving, CNC engraving, screen-printing etc.

Surface Finish

Anodize; polishing; zinc/nickel/chrome/gold plating, sand blasting, ect.


+/- 0.01–0.05mm / can also be customized



Processing equipment

CNC machining center, CNC lathe, Grinding machine, Automatic lathe machine, Conventional lathe machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, EDM, Wire-cutting machine, CNC bending machine etc

Testing machine

Coordinate measuring machine, Image measuring instrument, Caliper etc


Medical Instruments/Electronic/ Industrial// Automation / motorcycle/3D printer


OEM,ODM or as client’s requirement

Our services                                                                              

Product Scope

Surface Treatment



Stamping parts


Stainless steel

Mechanical equipment

Metal sheet

Powder coating

Cold rolled steel

Electrical facilities

CNC machining Parts

Zinc plating

Zinc alloy

Medical device

Lathe parts


Aluminium alloy

Fitness equipment

Laser cutting

Sand blasting


Home appliance

Pipe fittings


Titanium alloy

Automotive accessories








1. What’s the delivery time?
lf Stock in hand: around 3 days after receipt of payment.
Bulk production: around 20~25 days after receipt of deposit (may vary depending on specificitems and item quantities)

2. what is the standard of package?
1) Neutral packing (plastic bag + carton)
2) Custom packing (with logo or special package according to customer requirement).

3. What kind of product quality your factory offer?
we offer high precision, good appearance, most competitive prices with best quality.

4. Do you accept OEM and ODM business?
we accept OEM and ODM with your authorization.

5. What is the Shipping Method?
1) Door to door service: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT.
2) The ocean shipping or Air shipping is also available for big orders.
3) You also can use your own forwarder account.

6. Are you trade company or manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer with more than 20 year experience, warmly welcome you visit our factory.

7. Gan you provide the sample before bulk order?
Yes, we are ok to provide sample before bulk order.

8. can you provide one-stop service including of material ,processing, finish, assembly etc?
Yes, we can.

Precision stamping parts refer to metal components produced through the process of precision stamping.

Precision stamping is a manufacturing technique used to fabricate complex parts with high accuracy and consistency. It involves the use of a stamping press, which applies force to a metal sheet or strip, shaping it into the desired form by cutting, bending, or stretching.

The precision stamping process begins with the design and creation of a specialized tool, known as a stamping die. The die consists of two halves, the upper and lower die, which contain the desired shape and features of the part to be produced.

The metal sheet or strip is positioned between the dies, and the press applies force to form the material into the required shape.

Precision stamping offers several advantages.

Firstly, it allows for the efficient and rapid production of high-quality parts with tight tolerances. The process is highly repeatable and consistent, ensuring uniformity across a large batch of stamped parts.

Precision stamping can achieve intricate designs, complex geometries, and features such as holes, slots, and embossing.

Precision stamping is utilized in various industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, and telecommunications.

It is commonly used to manufacture components like connectors, terminals, brackets, contacts, shields, and other small metal parts.

The materials used for precision stamping parts can vary depending on the application. Commonly stamped materials include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

The choice of material depends on factors such as desired mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and cost considerations.

Quality control is crucial in precision stamping to ensure the parts meet the required specifications. Inspection methods like dimensional measurement, visual inspection, and functional testing are performed to verify the accuracy and functionality of the stamped parts.

In conclusion, precision stamping is a versatile and efficient manufacturing process for producing high-quality metal parts with complex shapes and tight tolerances.

It offers cost-effective solutions for various industries and applications, allowing for the mass production of precision components with consistent quality and performance.

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