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How Can We Work Together in Vietnam?

Hi, my name is Bob and I built this webpage. I have been working in the Vietnam Machining Industry since 2010. My expertise is automotive industries manufacturer start-ups. I also introduce established brands to factories making automotive parts, cnc machining, turning services, stamping, forging, etc. Vietnam is small and my network of factories is wide. Let’s talk about growing your business by manufacturing in Vietnam.

This page is list of factories in Vietnam that I know well. I recommend them. If you would like to contact them, let me know and I will introduce you. First we need to make sure they can produce what you need.

I offer services like factory introductions, factory visits and quality control. Contact me for more information. I find the right factories fast for you in Vietnam.

I wrote these books for you when I first started working in the Vietnam machining industry around 2010. I share basic knowledge and insider tips that I learned while cutting my teeth. If you are just starting out and need a jump start then I recommend you read my books before contacting factories.

For example, it is critical to know basic things like what is the difference between woven and knit fabric; what is different about viscose, rayon, tencel, modal and hemp; and what is the Acceptable Quality Level system?

Precision CNC Turning manufacturers in Vietnam

TDB Tech makes cnc precision parts and machining services using metal and plastics materials. 65% of their production is exported and the rest is luggage, casual bags and school bags. They have an experienced technical team that will help you with design and development if you meet their MOQ.

Their factory has 2000 workers and 1300 sewing machines. It is located in Nam Dinh which is 1,5 hours from Hanoi. Most of their products are exported to America and Europe.

They are Vietnamese owned and have 10 years of experience total and 15 years in Vietnam. We like them because they speak English well and understand the concept of “the customer is always right.” They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

CNC Tech factory produces technical automation and machines products. They have many in-house testing machines including ultrasonic cutting, edge welding and hot air seam sealing machine. They source fabrics and accessories and will exist with design and development if you meet their MOQ of 1,000 pieces.

Their factory is 5,000 m2 and they have 200 workers. It is located in Dong Anh province, which is 1,2 hours from the center of Hanoi Center. They have ISO 9001, IS 14001 and SA 8000 certification. TCI has a deep knowledge in technical backpacks for military’s, rock climbing and off-road biking. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

My name is Chris Walker and I connect my clients with suitable factories in Vietnam. I send out a Vietnam manufacturing Newsletter full of valuable insight about Vietnam manufacturing. Sign up today to receive my Vietnam manufacturing newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time.

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Archsquare is a full service bag manufacturer. They provide design development and pattern making help. They source fabrics and over-seeing production. They can produce a variety of products from fashion bags, wallets, backpack, drawstring bags, tote bags, laptop bag and homewares products. They also have manufactured promotional bags such as drawstring bags and tote bags.

Their MOQ is 1,000 pieces one color. Their office is located in Ho Chi Minh City. They have 300 workers and 3 merchandisers. Their lead time is 20 to 40 days. They are family owned, speak English well and have four years of experience. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

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1. Which styles do you want to manufacture first?
2. Do you have tech packs?
3. Do you have any special factory requirements?
4. Have you produced before? If yes, then in what country?
5. What quantity per style per color do you order?
6. Does your company have a website?
7. Do you want to work with an agent or directly with the factory?
8. Do you plan to visit Vietnam?

More Detailed Descriptions of Factories in Vietnam

Eco friendly straws and utensils

Mekong Quilts now produces spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks and straws using environmentally sustainable raw materials like bamboo and water hyacinth. They can produce your designs or you can choose from their stock. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you.

Mekong Quilts was founded in 2001 and employs more than 200 women in Vietnam and Cambodia who work from home. Their original business was making quilts and now they are growing into making eco friendly products. They have 3 showrooms in Vietnam and 2 in Cambodia where you can see their quilts and eco friendly utensils.

There are 1.5 hecta of 6 billion bamboo trees in Vietnam. The bamboo is used in the handicraft and fine arts processing industry and has a 250 million USD export value. Mekong quilts uses domestic bamboo scraps top produce straws. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Water hyacinth is a problem in Vietnam that Mekong Quilts is helping remediate by using it as a raw material. Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial aquatic plant that grows so fast that it blocks water ways for small boats and disrupts the biochemistry of the water when it decomposes. In short, it’s a super-water-weed that the government has to spend money to get rid of. Mekong Quilts uses the stalks to make chopsticks and utensils.

If you want to buy more than 500 bamboo straws or water hyacinth utensils then you must order in advance and wait 3 weeks. Otherwise you can choose from their available stock.

Mr Kervyn from France and Thanh Truong from Vietnam founded Me­kong Quilts. Thanh Truong is a skilled quilt mak­er and Mr Kervyn an experienced NGO coordinator and project manager in charge of Mekong Plus, an org­anization specializing in com­mun­ity development. They create jobs for women and support local com­munities in Cambodia through an artisanal business. And now they are producing eco friendly utensils and straws to expand.

Indoor wood furniture factory

Hiep Long manufactures indoor wood furniture using TEAK and hardwood. They specialize in European designs. They make a lot of sun-loungers, benches, parasols and folding bars. They can suggest designs or follow your specifications. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you.

Their showroom, office and factory are in Binh Duong which is 2 hours outside of Ho Chi Minh City. Their property is 60.000m2. They have 600 carpenters. They have 20 quality control specialist and six designers. They have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and BSCI certification.

The company was established in 1993, by Mr.Huỳnh Quang Thanh. He has 25 years of experience in manufacturing indoor & outdoor furniture. We like them because they can help you with their experience in choosing designs if you don’t have your own design. They can help you with exporting. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Minh Duong manufactures indoor wood furniture using rubber, pine and oak wood. They are good at making bunk beds, dressing tables, sideboards and dressers. You provide them with drawings and technical specifications and they will make a sample using available scrap wood.

They have one factory and 3 workshops. Combined they have 4,800 staff. They are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC.) The FSC is an international non-profit organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. Most of the wood that Minh Doang uses comes from Vietnam and MD supports forest management in Vietnam. They are ISO 9001 certified and value lean management.

Minh Duong was established in 2002 by Mr.Duong Minh Chinh and Mr.Duong Minh Dinh as a wood processing company for export. Until 2007 they’ve been approved by the government and changed into MD wood joint stock company. We like them because their staffs can speak English well, they have stock materials, and their research and development team works efficiently. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Spare part CNC manufacturer

Dong Quang is an electrical and mechanical computer numerical control (CNC) parts manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh City. They produce electro-mechanical parts for brands like Samsung, using DKM, OMRON, Mitsubishi, SMC and AirTac equipment. The employ 200 people in which 40% have graduated from university. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you.

Their factory has a total of 78 machines. All the machines are made in Japan except for their line cutters, heat treaters and lathes which are made in China. Their main equipment is 36 Moriseiki, Okuma and Makino milling machines. They have three electric gun Sodick wire cutters and four Okamoto flat grinders. They can produce punching molds, plastic molds, blowing molds and pressure casting molds.

The company was founded in 2006 and made quality a priority from day one. They are certified by the Japan Quality Assurance organization (JQA) and ISO 9001-2015 certified by SGS. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Pet furniture, clothing and toys

Nam Hoa is one of the top 10 pet furniture and toy manufacturers in Vietnam. The company was established in 1993 with over 2000 workers by Mr. Ngo Van Hoa. He specialized in manufacturing wooden indoor furniture and decorative lighting. He recognized the niche market of wooden education toys for children first and then for pets. Now he focuses on pet furniture and toys. He has been exporting to Korea since 1995 and to Japan since 1996. In 2002 his company applied for quality management system and received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate issued by TUV and CE certification bodies. NH exports to Europe for brands like EBI and IKEA and to America for brands like Petco and Toys R Us. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Dona is a pet apparel sewing factory. They are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They produce hoodies, coats, tees, raincoats, costumes, and formal wear for dogs as big as St. Bernards and as small as Poodles.

Their fashion-forward dog clothes sewing service has been used by top designers around the world likes Susan Lanci Designs, Louisdog, Wooflink, Ruff Ruff Couture, Oscar Newman, Lucy’s Luxuries, Buddy Belts, Bowsers and Jax & Bones. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Seamless underwear factory in Vietnam

FLD factory produces bras, panties and seamless underwear. They have their own brand for domestic market and offer full service sewing services for export clients.

They are located in Nha Trang which is a beautiful beach city in the center of Vietnam. It takes half hour drive from Cam Ranh Airport to FLD factory. They have more than 300 sewers. They have 40 Santoni seamless knitting machines with 17.5 inch diameter and plan to get 19.5 inch Santoni’s in the future. They work with Oeko Tex certified dye houses and their factory is BSCI certified.

FLD was a French owned factory founded in 2001 until An Phuoc group bought it. An Phuoc is one of the biggest apparel manufacturing groups in Vietnam. All of their merchandisers speak English well and they have experience working with EU, US, Asia markets. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.


Plastic injection molding factory

Tashuan is plastic injection molding company founded in 2000. The owners name is Huang Pao Tzu. They produce items like wizard mop cloths, nail polish holders and ring-pull helpers. The use both polypropylene and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene as their raw material.

Their minimum order quantity is 3,600 pieces or sets.

To quote price they need either a physical sample, 2D or 3D drawing, specification sheet, material components, weight, quantity, packaging method, dimensions and features. A molding cost will be charged to the client if there is no mold in the factory that can make the sample. Mold lead time is 45 days on average. Sample lead time is 10 days once the mold is ready. Production lead time for the MOQ is 35 days on average.

Their main products are categorized into five groups. Household-ware like drawer organizers, stackable drawer racks, and rotary organizers for kitchen cabinets. They are also good at kitchen-ware like egg boxes, microwave hotdog preservers, 6 piece kitchen sets, sink tidies. They also make bathroom accessory-ware like hair traps, 2 sided body brushes, glass squeegees, bathroom tower racks and soap racks. Gardening tools and decoration items like plants clips, railing flower pots and glowing stones are within their capability. They make poly resin gift-ware by handmade as well.

They only offer OEM service to export clients. They supply the Vietnam domestic supermarkets with their own designs. They sell to Big C and Coopmart in Vietnam. They also sell to clients in EU and North America like Wall Mart and Smitcare.

They have 1013 staffs and 3 facilities. Their mold-making factory has 4,000 m2.  Their production factory has 4,000 m2. Their assembling factory has 4,000 m2. Their factory is located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city and has 108 injection machines, 5 sets CNC machines, 8 sets EDM machines, 20 sets Lather machines, 4 sets 2D and 4 sets 3D software for mold-making. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Paper Industry in Vietnam

In 2018, Vietnam’s pulp and paper export value reached nearly 980.7 million USD. That is up 32.4% compared to 2017. In 2018, Vietnam collected and imported more than 3.59 million recycled paper, up 32.6% compared to 2017. Production of pulp in 2018 increased 2.25% comparing to 2017.

Saigon Paper owns two paper mills. Their mills are located in My Xuan A Industrial Park, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The My Xuan 2 mill is the largest paper mill in Vietnam. Their total production capacity of tissue paper is 43 680 tons/year. Their total production capacity of industrial paper is 224,640 tons/year.

They have 5 self-contained modern production lines with advanced paper manufacturing technology imported from the US and Europe. The waste water treatment system cleans 17,000 m3/day.

They support the community by investing in organizations such as HCM Recycle Fund, and WWF. They participate in seminars of paper quality. They exhibit at the recycle paper festival and join the waste paper collecting day event to increase people’s awareness about environmental protection and human behaviors. They are in my list of factories in Vietnam that I can share with you. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam

Sewing factory

Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Sim. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers at Thai Son. I interviewed her and this is what I learned. She answered my questions like this. If you produce garments using our fabrics and you have tech packs then contact me via our contact page and I will review and feedback within 48 hours. Chris is our marketing manager. If I am too busy or we realize that we can’t serve you, then he will reach out to you. Allow me to introduce the factory my parents started 20 years ago.

My parents first started producing cut and sew knitwear when I was in High School. I joined them in 1993 and started developing relations with customers overseas. Decades later we have experience exporting to USA, UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Australia and Russia. Our factory has steadily grown from doing CMT only with 2 sewing lines to doing FOB and LDP with 17 sewing lines. We have faced many problems and solved them all when it comes to producing cut and sew knit garments in Vietnam. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

We produce men’s, women’s and children’s clothing using circular knitted fabrics. We buy cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and spandex yarn. We import the yarn into Vietnam and then outsource the knitting. We make basic jersey fabric and complicated jacquard fabric. We also outsource the fabric dyeing to our trusted Oeko-Tex certified partners who will dye to your Pantone color and finish the fabric according to your technical specifications. We check fabric and cut it before sending it to our 17 sewing lines for seaming and embellishment. We also source trims and accessories from Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea. We iron and pack under our roof. We have our own in-house quality control and welcome third party inspectors likes SGS, TUV and Intertek. After packing in poly bags and carton boxes, we deliver your finished garments to the Ho Chi Minh city port where your freight forwarder manages shipping.

We are a family owned private clothing manufacturer with two factories and one merchandising office. Our first factory is now rebuilt into our headquarters. Our headquarters is located downtown Ho Chi Minh City and contains our merchandising office, pattern and marker team, sample lines, logistics and accounting department. Our 2nd factory is located 30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City and currently has 6 sewing lines. Our 3rd factory is located 2.5 hours outside of Ho Chi Minh City and currently has 11 sewing lines. Read below to learn about our MOQ, payment terms and lead times.

We also want to answer all your questions before you send us your tech pack and order quantities. Visit our website and you will see lots of pictures of the types of clothing we specialize in. We don’t make woven garments like suits, dress shirts, swimsuits or lingerie. We specialize in embellished and fashionable styles for men, women and children. We have flat lock machines if you need yoga workout clothes or cycling jerseys. Leggings, for example, is a style we’ve done a lot of in 2017/18. Our sweet spot is women’s dresses using circular knit fabrics.

Our MOQ is 2,000 pieces per style. This is assuming that the fabric consumption is the same as a t-shirt. If the garment style is a full length dress the MOQ is lower – like 500 – because the fabric consumption is higher. If the garment style is a sports bra then the MOQ is higher – like 1,800 – because the fabric consumption is lower. Our main constraint is the fabric MOQ imposed on us by our fabric suppliers which is 1,000 meters per color. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

In 2008 we started to develop our own fabric as opposed to buying all our fabric from China like most Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. We went to India to meet with cotton growers and started importing cotton into Vietnam. Then we developed relationships with knitting and dyeing houses in Ho Chi Minh city. Today we produce over 200 tons per month of circular knitted fabrics for our customers. To produce more is just a matter of making some phone calls and QC ing the production. Our goal is to sell fabric wholesale but we still struggle to keep up with our own demand.

ODM stands for original design manufacturer and implies that we design for you as well as produce. There are two kinds of ODM. One kind is where you give us direction, colors, concept ideas and we design a collection for you. The other kind of ODM is where we design according to our own design concepts and if you like our styles you buy them. While we are very good at modifying designs to lower costs without sacrificing quality we are not strong at designing from scratch. We get asked for a catalogue of styles to choose from but at this time we don’t have one.

We can help you quality for lower import duties. We are very good at understanding rules of origin and qualifying for free trade agreement tariff reductions. We have a lot of experience exporting to Russia duty free and we are currently schooling ourselves about CPTPP. If you need help checking your HS-Code we can help you in some cases or we can refer you to our trusted custom broker friends.

When it comes to payment terms we require a deposit and shy away from L/Cs.

Our production lead time is 60 to 120 days from pre-production sample approval and confirmation of order.

We don’t sell stock garments so please don’t ask us about stock.

Please don’t just show up at our office. Make an appointment in advance so we can arrange for transportation and make sure our key staff are free to receive you.

For more information please contact us via our contact page.

We are a reliable knit fabric supplier in Vietnam. We buy cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and spandex yarn from suppliers all over Asia. We import the yarn and drop ship it to our partner knitting factories. We can make jersey, pique, jacquard, rib, waffle, interlock, french terry or Ponte Roma. We can make slub, space-dye, tie-dye, hot TR, burn-out, melange and more. We send the fabric to our partner dye houses and manage the dyeing to meet your requirements like Pantone color, weight and finish. If you need special finishes like acid wash, silicone wash, wicking or anti-microbial, then we can do it. We check the fabric using the 4-point checking system and take full responsibility.

Do you need stripes? We can produce engineered stripes with a repeat of 1.6 meters. We can also offer AOP stripes. AOP stands for all over print.

China still offers great quality and competitive pricing compared to locally made circular knit textiles. Most factories in Vietnam buy their fabric from China. We also have good sources of textile fabric in China. We often buy polyester and fleece fabric from China because the quality is good and the prices are cheaper than making it in Vietnam. We manage the shipping and always inspect the fabric before cutting.

The fabric dye-houses we work with are Oeko-Tex certified and if you need Organic GOTs certified fabric we have supply chains established to support your needs. Generally our fabric lead time is 2 to 4 weeks and we always send you lab dibs for approval ASAP.

We can print on the fabric using any quality of ink you are willing to pay for. Our screen printing partners can do piece printing and all over printing. Send us your art work in high resolution files and we will suggest the best printing technique to meet your requirements. We can offer water based ink, plastisol ink and discharge printing.

Please note the distinction between circular knit and flat knit. Flat knit is also referred to fully fashion knit or sweater fabric. We don’t work with flat knit fabric. We also don’t produce garments made with woven fabric.

Please contact us to inquire about fabrics for your designs. Also see our list of fabrics below to see if we already have it in stock.

Sourcing factories in Vietnam

Seditex offers sourcing support so you can grow your business in South East Asia. Our headquarters are in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have all the directory’s from organizations like American Chamber of Commerce, VITAS and EU Chamber. More important is our personal network of factories we have built up over the past 20 years. Our core team is Frank, Prem and Chris. Combined we have 50 years experience working with manufacturers in Vietnam. Our specialty is apparel but we also have experience with furniture, shoes, caps, plastic injection molding and CNC. They can introduce you to their list of factories in Vietnam.

We put you in direct contact with factory owners. You take it from there. If you need further assistance, we are standing by to assist you. Our services include:

• Consulting
• Factory introductions
• Factory visits
• Costing (getting a price quote)
• Design and merchandising
• Quality control
• Factory audits/assessment
• Hosting (renting a desk in our office)
• Staff recruiting

Consulting Service

We listen to your manufacturing needs and suggest solutions. We explain the hurdles of manufacturing in Vietnam like meeting minimum order quantities, getting samples made, negotiating price and arranging shipments. We can provide guidance to improve quality, increase productivity and meet social and environmental compliance for the factories you work with. We can also give business and legal advice for setting up a factory or office in Vietnam. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Factory Introductions (by email)

1. We note your product details
2. We note your factory requirements
3. We check my database or ask around my network to identify three factories
4. We confirm that I have three factories
5. We send you an invoice
6. We give you the factory contact details and you contact them directly
7. We standby in case there are any communication problems

We provide you with first name, last name, phone #, email and website of the factory contact person that we know. You contact the sewing factories in Vietnam directly. We standby in case there are communication issues like the person you talk to doesn’t understand you clearly, your email goes to Spam or they ignore you for illogical reasons. We guarantee that the factory is capable of making your product and that you will have an intelligent initial conversation with them. We can’t guarantee price, quality, delivery dates, payment terms, capacity or personality matching.

Factory Visits

We arrange for transportation, accommodation and translators. We choose the quickest routes to visit as many factories as we can in a day. If the factories are in HCMC then car and translator are included. If outside HCMC then you pay for all transportation and hotels. We will recommend affordable travel options to minimize your expenses. Typically, we can visit 3 to 4 factories per day.

Costing (getting a price quote)

We work with the factory to get an initial price quote based on your specifications. You are not burdened with all the back and forth emails. You will be CC’d so the costing communications will be transparent. Once the initial costing is done, you will deal directly with the factory to proceed further. To yield the best results, we highly recommend you provide a tech pack and target price.

Quality control

Seditex provides quality control services that include pre-production meeting, inline inspection and final inspection. We charge per man-day for occasional inspections. We offer a lower rate per man-day if we perform 8 inspections per month on average. We have an even better rate if we perform over 12 inspections per month. Travel expenses are paid by customer.

Development and merchandising

We can assist with choosing fabrics, trims, accessories and design improvements. We can manage sampling, approvals, production planning, shipping documentation and more. The goal is to get you a final landed price and samples for approval. We interpret your original ideas and work with factories to figure each component and how to put it all together. Travel expenses are paid by customer. We don’t work as agents so we don’t charge a commission after shipment.

Factory Assessments

We visit the factory and perform a social and environmental compliance audit. We write a comprehensive report with pictures and suggest a corrective action plan. Cost is $750 USD per assessment. Travel expenses are paid by customer.

Staff recruiting

We help you find a qualified staff to work for you in Vietnam. We create a 1 month ad on We filter resumes, choose the top 3 candidates and invite them to our office for 1st interviews. We share our evaluation and setup 2nd interviews with you on Skype. We charge $750 per position.


We have desks in our office where your staff can work. We provide internet, air conditioning, shared meeting room, shared kitchen, security, and parking. $250 USD per desk per month.

Message from Seditex Founder

Hi, my name is Frank and I have been working in Asia for 34 years. I setup Seditex Vietnam in 2000. I employ 30 dedicated QC/QA performing inspections & audits in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Madagascar. Our clients asked us to source factories so we started a sourcing team. Our goal is to perfectly match our clients with suppliers and then offer our quality control services. Quality control is my trade.

My hobby is setting up factories. I love the challenge of taking an existing production line and finding ways to improve efficiency. I have set up several factories and completed many factory assessments as a consultant in South East Asia as well as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. My unique selling point is that I have both buyers and manufacturers best interest in mind.

Our quality control clients also need help setting up companies and leasing office space. Since I have opened several companies in Vietnam, I can help you set up your company in Vietnam. I even offer hosting in my office if you just need a desk or two to get your staff settled in quickly. If you need prime office space then my staff has commercial real estate experience to help you survey the market quickly with no strings attached.

Asia is my turf. Here is what I see. China is getting less competitive for low cost goods, Bangladesh is cheap but lacks reliability. Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are the obvious alternatives which is why I settled in Vietnam. Madagascar allows for duty free imports into the USA, so it’s a trump-card for landed cost savings. If you are focused on South East Asia then let me introduce you to Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Screenprinting factory in Vietnam


Un Available is a sewing factory in Vietnam that specializes in both knit and woven streetwear apparel. The owners originally came to Vietnam to source manufacturing for their own t-shirt brand and they immediately encountered cultural differences which they have mastered over the years. They eventually built their own factory that produces for their own brand and others like Supreme, Palace and Saturdays. If you want to work with the best custom t-shirt maker in Vietnam that produces quality-on-time in small quantity with exemplary customer service then pull back the curtains and let me introduce you to another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

Marshall Artist is the name of their brand and it started in London in 2001. They quickly became one of the UK’s most loved menswear brands. They aimed to create modern tailoring for modern people, producing contemporary and relevant clothing that is wearable, but also showcases British eccentricity. After producing a few seasons of both knit and woven styles ranging from wind runners to board shorts they were ready to start producing for other brands in Vietnam.

Un Available management spends a lot of time and energy understanding and adapting to Vietnamese culture to constantly improve efficiency, lower costs and add value to their clothing manufacturing business. For example, in Vietnamese culture the junior staff are brought up to be submissive. They wait to be told what to do. At Un Available, the staff is trained to be pro-active and speak up regardless of age or position. To this day, the management focuses on hiring and training staff that is open to adapting to a western way of working. Un Available encourages staff to take ownership in the work they do.

From Un Available’s point of view as a brand they saw a gap in the market for small quantity full service apparel manufacturing. They identified the weakness of Vietnam being clear communication and ownership in design, development, sourcing and customer service. They committed to Vietnam when Vietnam was hungry for new business. They caught the wave early and successfully navigated the culture to become the best street wear fashion producer in Vietnam that can produce both knit and woven fashion garments with an MOQ of 250 pieces per style per color – under one roof. Their culture of accountability has lead to a momentum that will last for many years to come. Get a piece of the action in Vietnam by working with Un Available to produce your custom t shirts that can pass Japanese quality control standards and meet your tight deadlines.

One of their prized customers is Munster. Rich Brown, the founder, explains the Munster brand identity as Kids, kids, kids! They’re the future, they are young and wild and they need fashionable clothes that will withstand the playground grind. Munster was started by a couple of new parents looking for cool, quality clothing for their own little wild man. They have grown organically and filled a gap in the market for surf, skate and street culture inspired apparel for children. Thanks to Un Available’s unwavering support and on-time quality production Munster is poised to continue it’s growth since the owners can focus on design, marketing and sales.

Un Available offers full service apparel manufacturing. They source fabric, trims and accessories for you. They manage quality control from fabric checking to packing list sign offs. You pay one price and they take 100% responsibility to deliver according to tech packs and approved production samples.

Their sewers are trained to work with a wide variety of needles and a diverse range of garment types. Woven garments require large needle sizes that can penetrate heavy fabrics and knit garments require small needle sizes that gently seam light jersey fabrics. Thanks to the variety of machines they have and the staff being multi-skilled they are able to make corduroy jackets, sweatshirts, denim pants, t-shirts, board shorts, hoodies and windbreakers – you design it and they most likely can make it.

Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

It is hard to find one factory that can produce your whole collection. Un Available has 61 spare sewing machines that they store and maintain. This is what allows them to produce such a wide variety of apparel styles using both knit and woven fabrics so you don’t have to work with multiple factories. Un Available has enough floor space to quickly re-arrange their lines with the right sewing machines to be uber-flexible. They manage this surplus of machines so you can consolidate your development, production, quality control, ironing and packing in one factory.

Screen Printing in House

Un Available has their own silkscreening facilities inside their sewing factory which is rare in Vietnam. They have two primary automatic rotary printing machines. One is the M&R made in USA. The other is TAS made in Australia. Both have 10 heads and can print up to 8 colors. Both print 400 prints per hour. For sampling they use the M&R chameleon rotary printer. Un Available has two glass top tables with 30 stations each. They have one table heater and one table curer. They have one small bed printer also referred to as back neck screen printer. It can print on a sleeve, front chest or back neck with a speed of 450 per hour. Their printing machinery can produce 200,000 prints per month. Their silkscreen t shirt factory in Vietnam excels at making garments that have multiple prints on one garment.

Printing machinery is one of the most important factors in running a silkscreen t shirt factory in Vietnam. I would like to invite you to come and visit their factory to see their set up. They will show you how they use them and how they maintain them. They are particularly good at the screen printing techniques listed below like foil and glimmer printing.


Un Available’s journey started in 1999 when two friends foresaw the potential in Vietnam. Darren was in Vietnam producing garments for European brands. Paul was in UK building his street wear fashion brand, Marshall Artist. Darren was producing for Paul and recommended they go all in and embrace Vietnam’s upward trajectory. The idea was to produce quality garments for small brands offering full service as a custom t shirt printer in Vietnam. It was rough getting started due to the cultural differences but overtime they planted their UK roots in Vietnamese soil. Back in 1999, Vietnam was just beginning to blossom yet still operating like a Spaghetti Western. Darren and Paul identified and cultivated a skilled work force, set up reliable fabrics supply chains and managed the outsourcing of silk screening. Vietnam was home and they became Un Available due to the incessant demand for their premium custom t shirt printing services. Fast forward to today and they have eight sewing lines making both knit and woven. They sold their L’Usine brand and now focus on serving other customers like Publish and The Peaceful Hooligan.

Marshall Artists’ first Vietnam collection came together amazingly fast. They had four printed t shirts and three sweat suits. They ordered 750 of each style and started production within a week. They struggled with some faulty fabric and inks that were peeling off after two washes. They worked together with the local Vietnamese to import replacement fabric and buy higher quality inks for their second production run. The lessons they learned by the third production run in less than six months thanks earned them their reputation as a high quality custom t shirt printer in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fast forward to 2012, Un Available noticed the lack of street cred in local fashion. They designed their own local brand and opened a store in Vietnam to showcase it. They learned quickly that Vietnamese taste for fashion is very different than western tastes and now only target travelers in the district one of Saigon. Deciphering the Vietnamese market demands proved harder than anticipated.

Their history has been exciting and full of lessons learned. They have maintained their business contacts since 1999 and expanded their supply chains. They built a brand and sold it. Their history makes them one of the best custom t shirt printers in Vietnam. They are particularly good at the screen printing techniques listed below like rubber ink and 3D printing.

Directions to Un Available

Un Available chose their location to be close to the Tan Son Nhat airport for your convenience. Here are the directions to Un Available sewing factory. The best thing is to hire a taxi and give the taxi driver Un Available’s phone number to call: 0938485766.

There is only one airport in Ho Chi Minh City. It is called Tan Son Nhat. You will either arrive in the international terminal or national terminal. The two terminals are within walking distance of each other but have separate taxi stands. Grabing a taxi can be a bit confusing. Avoid individuals who try to sell you private taxi services. Look for a uniformed employee wearing either Mailinh (green top) or Vinasun (white top.) You will have to cue in line and wait for taxis to arrive. Avoid any taxi that does not agree to use the meter. A taxi ride to the factory from the airport cost under 300,000 Vietnam dong ($12 USD). Make sure you have cash. It will take approximately 20 minutes to drive from the airport to Un Available.

From downtown it’s a straight shot in the direction of Cambodia. The center of downtown Ho Chi Minh City is the opera house in District 1. Near the opera house are many famous hotels like Caravelle, Sheraton, Intercontinental or Hyatt. From the opera house to Un Available the drive will cost under 400,000 Vietnam dong (17 USD) and the ride takes about 30 minutes. Ask the hotel staff to get you either Mailinh or Vinasun taxi and give the driver the address, map and phone number.

The last mile to our factory is tricky. If you are coming from town you will pass the airport, cross a bride and do a u-turn heading back over the bridge. Don’t cross the bride again. Stay to the right and get on the frontage road. At the foot of the bridge is a small street that turns right and leads to our factory about 1 mile down on the right hand side. Our factory entrance is also not easy to spot because our guard house is not curbside. Here is a picture of our entrance and map showing the last mile. If you notice the driver being confused then best to have him call this number. 0938485766. The staff that will answer can speak Vietnamese and explain to the driver how to proceed.

Note that Uber is not an option anymore. Grab is an option. You will have to download the app and enter in the address but you can pay in cash.

Unique Selling Points

Un Available has three unique selling points. They employ western management systems to ensure quality control and maximize efficiency. They use quality inks from Japan for in-house screen-printing. And, they have the ability to sew both knit and woven garments. They are truly one of a kind in Vietnam.

The owners of Un Available sewing factory are British and Australian. They employs basic western practices like listening to staff before making critical decisions. They have written policies and procedures that are followed and continuously updated. They promote from within. They hold all staff equally accountable and reward overachievers. They follow the Vietnamese laws and make sure staff are paid social insurances along with their base salaries. These are a few reasons why sewers like working at Un Available and well know brands like Supreme to trust their crews to Un Available.

Un Available knows the importance of using quality inks and choose Japanese inks. Japanese inks produce vibrant colors, have great colorfastness and don’t fade after a few washes like cheaper inks do.

Un Available targets emerging fashion brands that have a wide range of garment styles in their collections. Un Available set up two groups of sewing lines. One group excels at knitted garments like tee’s and hoodies while the other group of sewing lines has expertise in making woven garments like khaki pants, board shorts and button down shirts. This is rare in Vietnam and presents challenges like additional overhead, hiring multi-skilled technicians and storing a variety of machines that are not used daily. Being able to sew both knit and woven garments allows Un Available to be a one stop print shop for fashion brands that have both knit and woven fabric in their collections. Most factories are either knit or woven factories, not both. Knit fabric vs woven fabric handles differently when sewing and they require different machines. Also, most factories in Vietnam only offer CMPT whereas Un Available offers FOB which means full service from fabric to packing.

If you are a niche brand with over the top detail requirements then consider Un Available as your printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh city. If your sales are breaking out and you need to go overseas fast, then consider Un Available’s three unique selling points and contact me to introduce you to the boss. They are set up to support you with low MOQs, high quality, and trouble free production. Once they get the samples the way you want them you don’t have to lose sleep during production. You can be sure your garments will show up on time in perfect condition.

Un Available’s boss always has a direct line of communication with the owners of the brands they produce for. Three brands that appreciate that close relationship are Palace, Saturdays and Munster. Un Available treats their customers’ designs and production as if it was their own. Un Available knows the importance of intellectual property protection because they have their own brand. Un Available delivers excellence as if they have the same skin in the game as their customers do.

Palace founder Lev Tanju planned for authenticity and needed a factory that would say yes to everything he wanted. When the ex-skater set up Palace in 2009 south of London, one thing was non-negotiable: the logo had to be supersized. He asked, “Can you make the logo as big as it will go on the back of the shirt, as far as the seam will allow?” Un Available said yes. Lev Tanju went on to ask them, “Can you guarantee that none of my designs will be leaked.” Un Available said yes. Can you produce small runs of 250 each design? Un Available said yes. To learn more about Palace check out this great article written by the Guardian.

Saturdays. Colin Tunstall, Morgan Collett and Josh Rosen all co-founded Saturdays back in 2009. If you can imagine a surf brand in New York City then you can begin to understand their universe. They run a coffee shop, design a full range of menswear apparel, and also curate a namesake magazine with no advertisements and rare interviews. They heard about Un Available, a vintage t shirt printer in Ho Chi Minh City, and trusted Un Available with their need for attention to detail and aesthetic quality. Un Available brings their brand to life with grace and casual vibes that embodies their brand identity. How could you not want to produce apparel for Saturdays? To learn more about Saturdays check out this interview by Hypebeast.

The cornerstone of the Un Available culture is responsibility. They have developed processes and systems that clearly define individual accountability. When one person has a particularly productive day they get kudos on the spot. If one staff is not pulling their weight then management pinpoints the problem and implements corrective action quickly. Every action in the manufacturing process is transparently hyper-analyzed; that transparency breeds accountability. This is how Un Available has overcome cultural differences and is the most reliable premium custom t-shirt maker in Vietnam employing a western way of working from top management to factory floor staff.

Eco textile factories in Vietnam

Dave Quach was born and raised in Vietnam. He watched his parents import fabric from China as soon as the war was over and trade was possible back in 1980. After graduating from University in New Zealand he returned to Vietnam to accomplish his dream of supplying specialty fabrics to the domestic market. He is dedicated to promoting textile production that is environmentally friendlier than conventional textiles. His company’s name is

Making green choices possible in textiles.

2019 represents a fresh start for Dave is expanding his business into five categories of fabric production.

The recycled category has the meaning of sustainable development. Resources are limited and what we use is constantly squeezing out resources, harming the environment and creating the imbalance of ecosystem. This category includes recycle poly, cotton,

The regenerated cellos fibers category focuses on products that are less harmful to the environment. These textiles use regenerated cellulosic fiber and have names like rayon, viscose, modal, lyocell, Tencel®, and bamboo.

The Fancy category focuses on appearance and effects without losing sight of the environmental factor. These products include gray melange, color melange, space dye, yarn twist AB, cotton supima, silk, wool and cashmere.

The Organic category are grown naturally, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The products include organic cotton, organic hemp, organic silk and organic wool.

The Functional category are product lines focusing on the features which yarn or fabric can bring to users such as antibacterial, anti-UV, deodorizing, quick drying, anti-wrinkle, etc.

They protect the soil environment. The production of these fibers minimize the harmful effects on the environment. In addition, organic yarn is also very beneficial for our skin and health. Organic products provided by Greenyarn include

Most of these products use the top dye technology to dye silk before spinning so it is less harmful to the environment. Another great Vietnamese manufacturer in our list of factories in Vietnam.

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