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We’re your trusted partners in the world of automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence extends from the initial concept to the final product. 

Whether you need a concept brought to life or a mechanical component tested, we’ve got you covered. From interior parts manufacturing to lighting prototypes, we do it all.

Why Need Prototyping in the Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry faces constant changes and pressure to keep up with market demands. But creating a car isn’t something you can do overnight. It takes time. Prototyping acts as a  bridge between designing and developing cars. 

It helps designers create new designs that will attract customers and show their value. Prototyping makes it easier to show off ideas and get feedback from the project teams and stakeholders.

Designers can evaluate and test the functionality of the parts and manufacturing process. This also helps identify potential flaws, improves safety features, and enhances overall performance.

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Role of Prototyping in Automotive Manufacturing and Design

Prototyping plays a crucial role in the automotive design and development process. It is a key step in bringing a vehicle from concept to production.

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CAD Digital Model and Concept Prototype

Automotive designers use clay models to bring their ideas for real objects to life. They then employ reverse engineering techniques to scan these models and create CAD digital models. 

This iterative method involves the interplay of ideas and prototypes. It helps designers gain a deeper understanding of the user experience. 

It’s beneficial for both external presentations to clients and stakeholders. Also, internal collaboration with team members fosters support for innovative ideas.

Functional and Structural Verification

Automotive engineers often call this stage the “mule stage.” During this stage, engineers create functional prototypes for automobiles. These prototypes serve two main purposes. 

First, to check if the components fit correctly. And second, to collect data on how they function in real-world usage scenarios.

The idea behind the “mule stage” is to see how the prototype components fit together in the vehicle. And how they interact with one another. 

This process helps evaluate the materials, design, strength, manufacturability, and tolerances of the components. Ultimately this will help in identifying problems and their early fixes.

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Production Validation Testing (PVT)

To make sure automotive prototypes can perform their intended functions, several tests are necessary. For example, aerodynamics, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, the product’s lifespan, and safety standards.

These tests allow rapid refining of designs and get feedback. This process ensures that the prototypes meet the quality standards, certification, and verification. 

During these tests, prototype vehicles undergo different extreme conditions to uncover any issues that led to safety concerns. 

Simultaneously, low-volume manufacturing of parts for pilot production runs helps engineers identify potential problems.  And determine the most cost-effective manufacturing methods.

TDB Tech Powering Automotive Prototyping from Start to Finish

We have a strong grasp of various manufacturing methods to swiftly transform your designs into reality. Our collaboration with you is continuous and collaborative throughout the entire journey.

Creating Perfect Auto Lamp Lens and Reflectors

Developing auto lamp lenses and reflectors requires exceptional precision and innovation. We excel in two crucial areas:

Our promise:

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Functional Prototypes for Automotive Mechanical Parts

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Low-Volume Manufacturing for Custom Auto Parts

Custom Low-Volume CNC Machining

Our advanced machining tools and flexible development methods make the impossible possible. Whether it’s simple milling, turning parts, or intricate 5-axis CNC machining, we’ve got you covered. From production-grade plastics to precision metal, we’re your go-to choice.

Budget-Friendly Rapid Injection Molding

Need parts in a hurry? We’ve got vast experience in rapid injection molds, both in steel and aluminum, along with plastic injection molding. We can rush parts to you on a schedule that fits your pre production timeline and engineering testing efficiently.

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