How to researching steel machine shops in Vietnam

How to researching steel machine shops in Vietnam

How to researching steel machine shops in Vietnam

Welcome to TDB Hanoi MFG’s ultimate guide on metal manufacturing in Vietnam. This guide will feature a general overview of the metal economy in Vietnam and the top manufacturers in the metal industry for metal processing, stamped metal, metal CNC machining, stainless steel, and cast parts. Use this page for reference if you’re trying to get a foothold in Vietnam’s metal manufacturing industry.

CNC Machining Factory
CNC Machining Factory

TDB TECH has been a leading multi-axis CNC machining manufacturer in Vietnam since 2015, adhering to strict quality standards. With over 50+ CNC machines and 100+ metal materials in our factory, you can trust us to get your parts manufactured and shipped on time. 

Our CNC machining company comprises over 60+ skilled and experienced workers and technicians with over ten years of experience. We’ve successfully served over 100+ foreign and domestic customers across 10+ countries. We currently produce over 200,000 PCs per month and are expanding our production to meet the growing demands of our customers.

TDB has worked on dozens of steel, aluminum, and metal projects in Vietnam. These projects have ranged from stamped metals, finished metal goods, furniture, industrial shelving, precision CNC machining , bollards, and many more items. We have an extensive network of factories and can work quickly to get quotes and introduce you to great suppliers and Vietnam manufacturers.

Vietnam is an excellent place to manufacture metal products and get involved in the metal industry. Vietnam’s metal economy is experiencing exponential growth. In 2017, the country made it to the top 20 world’s largest steel-producing countries when it produced 11.5M tons of steel.

Vietnam Steel Manufacturing overview 

Source Industrial Suppliers in Vietnam?
Source Industrial Suppliers in Vietnam?

According to the World Steel Association, Vietnam is currently the 17th-ranked country in total metal production. However, it is one of the world’s fastest increasing – the output increased by nearly 40% between 2017 and 2018 when it hit a record high of 14.1M tons of metal produced in the country.

In recent decades, Vietnam’s metal production was nationalized when privatization took a swing, and many big players arose.

The top steel manufacturers in Vietnam generate billions of dollars of annual revenue. Thousands of small metal processing factories are scattered worldwide (which we have access to at Cosmo Sourcing).

The vast majority of the metal manufacturing industry in Vietnam is concentrated in Hanoi and HCMC (the capital city area). However, based on the latest data, Vietnam’s metal processing economy grows at an average of 10% per year. With the industry growth, it means that now is the best time to get involved in the metal manufacturing industry and start producing your metal in Vietnam.

The largest metal manufacturing companies in Vietnam in 2020 are:

Vietnam’s steel production capabilities are exploding, which is still an untapped market per-capita basis. For instance, the domestic steel consumption per capita is not as developed in Vietnam as in other countries. The low per capita steel consumption is because Vietnam has a huge population. In the wealthiest nation in the region, such as Singapore, the average metal consumption per capita is 500 kg. In Vietnam, this number is only 240 kg per capita.

This output means that metal consumption in the country remains low compared to the total output potential. Effectively, it is the best time to get involved in the industry with its massive potential. The country’s total finished steel product output exceeds 25M tons per year, estimated at $6B/year. Vietnamese steel is exported to 100 countries the world over. Its most significant trading partners are the ASEAN countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia) and the US.

Overview Of The Vietnamese Steel Market

The main export in the galvanized steel industry is galvanized steel sheets. According to the latest stats, Hoa Sen Group, the largest metal manufacturer in Vietnam, controls nearly 30% of its total galvanized steel sheet economy. Hoa Sen Group has dominated the metal manufacturing industry as the undisputed leader since its inception in 2001. Vietnamese billionaire entrepreneur Le Phuoc Vu manages Hoa Sen Group. Their main export products are cold-rolled sheets, color-coating, and galvanized products.

Hoa Sen delivers tens of thousands of galvanized sheets to its international trading partners in the EU and the US. Hoa Sen Group has the most technologically-advanced factories in Vietnam with world-class production capability.

 For instance, they recently expanded by purchasing technology from Germany’s engineering giant SMS Group. They also made large purchases for galvanizing technology from the Danieli Group in Italy. With these maneuvers, the largest metal manufacturers in Vietnam are weaning off using outdated Chinese technology and moving towards modernizing their production.

Vietnam’s largest companies exported so much galvanized steel to the US that President Trump had to extend the US Steel Tariff (which originated for China) to Vietnam. This tariff also covered galvanized sheet products, which are major export from Vietnam.

The main competitor of Hoa Sen Group is Hoa Phat Group, which also has world-class metal production capabilities and has invested in modernizing its steel sheet production facilities. As a result, the largest players in galvanized steel are doubling their exports and exporting more to the international market.

What steel and metal products can be manufactured in Vietnam? 

  • Aluminum extrusions in Vietnam
  • Stainless steel in Vietnam
  • Iron in Vietnam
  • mild steel in Vietnam
  • stamped metals in Vietnam
  • wire in Vietnam
  • Cable manufacturers in Vietnam
  • Brass in Vietnam
  • Copper Sheets in Vietnam
  • Powder coating in Vietnam
  • Metal Joints and Joinery in Vietnam
  • Metal Pipes in Vietnam
  • Copper Pipes in Vietnam
  • Pipe Fittings in Vi
  • Anchors and Fasteners in Vietnam
  • Sheet metal in Vietnam
  • Sheet metal processing in Vietnam
  • Zinc in Vietnam
  • Zinc Alloy sheets in Vietnam
  • Stainless Steel Wire in Vietnam
  • And much more!

Overview Of The Vietnamese Construction Metal Market

Construction metal is a big business in Vietnam, like other developing nations with a massive construction boom. Construction giants need steel to build their buildings, and the big players are capable of supplying both domestic and international markets. Hoa Phat Group currently dominates the company’s construction steel market (if we rule out VNSTEEL, a national company).

Hoa Phat Group is among the five largest steel manufacturers in the country, and it was established by Tran Dinh Long, a Vietnamese billionaire, in 1992. Hoa Phat Group is currently building the largest steel production plant in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, located in Quang Ngai Province. The group is investing $3B in the project, which will allow them to export up to 4M tons of steel per year.

The construction boom in Vietnam led to the rise of companies such as Hoa Phat Group. While their focus is on the domestic market, the company exports over 0.2MT of steel to international markets – mostly to the US, Canada, and Australia. The Danielli Group (Italy) is the Vietnamese steel giants’ largest European strategic partner that modernizes their production capabilities. For example, Danielli recently supplied Hoa Phat Group with rolling mill machines for their newest metal production complex.

Top Metal Manufacturers In Vietnam

Metal manufacturing is a big business in the country. While most large metal manufacturers work with domestic companies, the following manufacturers are open to foreign clients:

Metalic Vietnam

Metalic Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing metal production companies in Vietnam. Metalic Vietnam was founded in 2012 as a steel workshop in Vung Tau City. It grew into a large metal manufacturer producing metal for the gas and oil industries. Metalic Vietnam can manufacture various products, from stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, and Inconel alloys to high-pressure piping systems and pressure vessels. The company has also started producing structural products and tanks.

Metalic Vietnam expanded in 2016 by shifting the focus from gas/oil industry-specific metal to a general metal manufacturer that can supply all Vietnam and international clients. They have one of the company’s most reliable metal manufacturing teams and continue delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. We can connect you with Metalic Vietnam at Cosmo Sourcing and get your products made in their factory.

TopSteel Asia

TopSteel Asia is a metal production company founded in Vietnam in 2012 by Danish ex-pats who own it. TopSteel LTD specializes in producing stainless steel, aluminum components, and mild steel, making them ideal for a wide range of products. TopSteel Asia is gaining a foothold as one of the most reliable metal companies that foreign investors have access to and has been involved in many interesting projects.

TopSteel Asia belongs to a TRECO A/S company specializing in the production of metal components and steel processing. The company was first established in Denmark in 1992, and its management visited Vietnam in 2009 when they decided to open up a metal processing factory in the country. Three metal experts currently manage the company.

Treco A/S said, “Our management wanted to start a production facility in the East because we saw our clients moving a lot of their parts or entire production to the East. So we chose Vietnam for the purpose and wanted to provide competitive solutions for our metal products to Vietnamese and European customers”.

Other Metal Manufacturers In Vietnam:

Top Stamped Metal Manufacturers In Vietnam

Vietnam Tamping

Vietnam Tamping is a metal processing company that specializes in metal stamping. The company provides a full range of metal stamping services, including custom welding assemblies and metal brackets. Vietnam Tamping is a well-known company that collaborates with Vietnamese sheet metal manufacturers to provide a full range of services for customers looking for metal stamping.

Vietnam Tamping offers metal services such as stamping, embossing, deforming, cutting, turret punching, and clinching. The company can also carry out surface treatments of metals in their factory and commonly work with chrome, zinc, and nickel. Their factories and sub-contractors are RoHS compliant.

Vietnam Tamping sells metals such as stainless steel (304 and 316), cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, and aluminum to customers at competitive rates. In addition, this manufacturing allows them to produce any custom metal product for customers interested in producing in Vietnam. The factory has a large trained workforce and collaborates with international customers.

VPIC Group

VPIC Group is a reliable metal printing company in Vietnam. The group is among the most long-standing Vietnamese metal printing companies, and it was started in 1992 by two Taiwanese ex-pats who decided to set up a shop in Vietnam. VPIC Group has over 28 years of experience manufacturing in Vietnam and has exported its metal products all over Europe, North America, and Asia. VPIC Group’s international exports now comprise 85% of its annual exports.

VPIC Group provides a wide variety of metal processing. They can do hydraulic stamping, pressing stamping, 3D and 2D metal cutting, hot steel forging, aluminum forging, CNC machining, wax casting, plastic injections, painting, powder coating, and metal assembly. VPIC Group’s metal products are used in various industries – the main ones being automotive, medical equipment, home appliances, and more.

Top Cable/Wire Suppliers In Vietnam

Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation

Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (VECC) is one of Vietnam’s oldest cable and wire manufacturers. VECC has been in business for nearly 45 years after being founded as a small electric wire manufacturing company in 1975. Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation is one of the largest producers of cables in Vietnam, with an annual production capacity of 60K MT of copper, 40K MT of aluminum, and 20K MT of PVC cable.

At the
moment, Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation has five production factories in Vietnam. They have two branch offices and 200 official distributors who sell their products in the country. Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation’s products are of high quality, and the company obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1994 as one of the first cable manufacturers in Vietnam to become certified. Their products are high quality and certified to international standards such as IEC, JIS, ASTM, BS, and UL.


SH-VINA Cable is a Korean-owned cable manufacturing company that exclusively produces its cables in its Vinh Phuc-based factory in Vietnam. SH-VINA Cable specializes in the manufacturing of electrical wires and cables. Their catalog ranges from construction wires to thermally insulated cables, fire-resistant wires, electric cables, and telecom cables.

SH-VINA Cable manufactures cables according to the Vietnamese QUATEST national standard. Moreover, they’re certified by ISO 9001 standards and IEC standards. One of the main benefits of working with SH-VINA Cable is hiring Korean specialists and quality-control technicians to obtain Korean Certification for their products.

Other Cable Manufacturers In Vietnam:

Metal CNC Machining Shop Suppliers In Vietnam


Vietnam Precision Industrial No. #1 LTD. or “VPIC1” is one of Vietnam’s largest and most long-standing CNC machining companies. VPIC1 was founded in 2001 and has since worked with large international brands in the automotive industry like Honda, Ford, and Ducati. VPIC1 is an ISO-certified manufacturer that employs over 3,500 full-time workers in its factories.

VPIC1 specializes in welding, tooling, and stamping. As the company grew, it became one of Asia’s premier metal companies with a full supply chain that includes CNC machining, die-casting, polishing, electro-plastic, laser cutting, and heat treatment in Vietnam. In addition, VPIC1 provides custom orders for customers, small or large.

VPIC1 is owned by EuroCharm Group, a Taiwanese steel conglomerate that has been in business since 1974. It is one of the world’s biggest metalworking and steel production corporations. EuroCharm group was awarded Ford’s Q1 award for exceptional quality, and the company’s main production facilities are located in Vietnam. The group has a presence in Japan and China as well.


TDB Tech: High-Precision CNC Machining Company
TDB TECH has been a leading multi-axis CNC machining manufacturer in Vietnam since 2015, adhering to strict quality standards. With over 50+ CNC machines and 100+ metal materials in our factory, you can trust us to get your parts manufactured and shipped on time.

How To Researching Steel Machine Shops in Vietnam
How To Researching Steel Machine Shops in Vietnam

Our CNC machining company comprises over 60+ skilled and experienced workers and technicians with over ten years of experience. We’ve successfully served over 100+ foreign and domestic customers across 10+ countries. We currently produce over 200,000 PCs per month and are expanding our production to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Other Metal CNC Machining Suppliers In Vietnam:

Steel parts taking a bath as part of the hot-dip galvanizing process

Stainless Steel Suppliers In Vietnam

Oss Dai Duong International Joint Stock Company

The Oss Dai Duong International Joint Stock Company is a trading company and one of Vietnam’s largest stainless steel manufacturers. The company offers customized stainless steel production and has products such as bars (round, flat, and angle), pipes, tubes, sheets, coils, and wires. Their stainless steel products are certified at an ISO standard of 9001. The company has been in business for decades and can deliver high-quality stainless steel at a competitive price.

Vinasteel Production Joint Stock Company

Vinasteel Production Joint Stock Company is a stainless steel manufacturer based in Vietnam and one of its largest factories. Vinasteel offers hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel. The company collaborates with manufacturers in the automotive industry, and its steel is used to manufacture cars, motorcycles, kitchen appliances, electrical machines, and more.

Cast Parts Suppliers In Vietnam

Sohwa Corporation

Sohwa Corporation is one of Vietnam’s premier cast parts and iron manufacturers and one of the oldest. Sohwa was founded in 1974 and had nearly 50 years in the steel manufacturing industry. Sohwa Corporation’s main services include aluminum die-casting, resin processing, mechanical assembly, machining, coil winding, and more. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce parts for its international clients.

EMIDAS Pro Akiba Die Casting Co.,Ltd.

EMIDAS Pro Akiba Die Casting Co. Ltd. is a reliable cast-part manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh City with numerous factories all over the country. They have serviced clients for die casting and molds for over ten years.

Emidas Pro Akiba Die Casting possesses dozens of machines for aluminum die casting, zinc casting machines, and their die-casting manufacturing system. They aim to expand their international customer base and offer competitive prices for high-quality parts.

Other Cast Parts Suppliers In Vietnam:

TDB Tech Vietnam Sourcing // Your Trusted Partner In Vietnam

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If you are interested in sourcing from Vietnam, feel free to reach out to the team at Cosmo Sourcing; we have been helping clients source from Vietnam since 2014. Cosmo Sourcing has the skills and the team to find you the best supplier possible. We are also established in China and are among the only companies that can find suppliers in China and Vietnam and pick the one you think is best.

Our Vietnam Sourcing services allow you to access new manufacturers that you would not be able to in China and avoid Tariffs. Our services are designed to do everything to take your idea, turn it into a product, and ship it to the final destination. Cosmo can do everything from creating a product spec sheet, validation, sourcing, ordering and evaluating samples, arranging inspections, finding freight forwarders, quality assurance, negotiations, and shipping. We aim to handle every single step of your business in Vietnam for you.

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