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Hướng dẫn vận hành máy phay CNC

Receive jigsaw processing in Hanoi. With a technical team of many years of experience, a system of modern equipment and a diverse system of testing machines, TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd. ensures to meet most of the most stringent requirements for the quality of household products. tool jigsaw that the partner requires.

What is a jig?

Fixtures are indispensable products in the mechanical engineering industry. Referring to the jig, it refers to the task of clamping, locating the details and products relative to the cutting tool and holding the workpiece in position under the effect of cutting force during machining. The jigs are designed and manufactured primarily for the respective application: machining jigs, assembly jigs and inspection jigs.

Outstanding advantages of mechanical processing jigs

Productivity: Jigs increase productivity by eliminating frequent positioning and checking operations. Uptime is also reduced due to speed increase

– Interchangeability and quality: The jigs facilitate the production of bulk products with a high degree of accuracy, uniform quality and interchangeability at competitive costs.

Reduced skill: The need for a skilled workforce to position the tool correctly is minimized, as positioning and clamping of the work piece is performed by the tool guides.

– Reduced costs: Higher output, reduced scrap, easy assembly and labor cost savings lead to reduced final production costs.

TDB Hanoi’s jigsaw processing technology

1. Mass production

With synchronous processing machine system, modern testing equipment, technical staffs are trained regularly. TDB gradually asserts that the products are manufactured with 100% quality standards according to customer’s standards.

TDB pays special attention to the quality control process in the process to minimize waste in production. In addition, we constantly train to improve skills and continuously improve in production to bring the highest value to our customer partners.

2. Quality Control

Jigsaw products manufactured by TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd. according to ISO 9001 standards are always highly appreciated by partners for quality as well as processing cost.

With a team of quality assurance staff with many years of experience and strict quality control process. TDB confidently affirms that the products produced are 100% quality according to the standards set by customers.

The quality control process is established from the input of raw materials, 100% inspection in the process. QC team controls according to the specified frequency plus 100% visual inspection before packing. OQC team is set up pre-shipment inspection rate to ensure the whole process is under control.

3. Preferential price

The high cost of processed products will sometimes be higher than your expectations. However, at TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd., we always want to bring our customers the most competitive prices with the best quality products.

Where to buy good CNC turning products?

TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd specializes in providing CNC milling products, CNC mechanical products and industrial automation materials. Processing jigsaw products at our company, you will be completely assured of the technical quality according to the design drawings, beautiful appearance without shrinkage, safe for users.


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