machined turning components

TDB Hanoi factory of high precision horizontal CNC turning centers offers massive machining capacity and high production capability. Years of experience provide expert knowledge of hundreds of metal alloys, their characteristics, and how the material reacts when milling and turning the desired shape. Proper machine tool selection, cutting tool depth, milling drilling feed and speed, chip control, and high-pressure coolant are critical in controlling heat generation, which can cause part movement and tool deflection while removing material. This level of skill ensures world-class precision machining that meets or exceeds the most demanding tight tolerances.

No matter the size of production runs and types of lathes used, the turning process requires precision. It’s pivotal in ensuring that the workpiece being rotated is processed in the desired way without any shaking and careless cuts. But how do you bring this accuracy to your products? without swapping it out for a new one? Take it easy because TDB Hanoi knows what you need.

Our Process Control

Process Turning:
Boring, cutting, drilling, facing, internal forming, knurling, necking, parting, shoulder facing, threading (external, internal), and turning (contour, form, taper, straight)

Surface Treatment:
Chrome plating, Anodizing, electroplating, painting, powder coating, passivate, carburize

Metal Types:
Castings, forgings, fabricated weldments, billets, bar stock, plate, and sheet metal

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Quality Control

Our Quality Control department goes the extra mile to ensure our production processes always produce parts that meet our customers demands.  Like our machine tools, the inspection equipment and software we employ ensures every advantage is realized.  One of the key elements in giving us that leg up on our competition is the utilization of SPC software at nearly all of our work centers.  The result is instant access to inspection data, unprecedented insight into dimensionals and, most importantly, automated and real time communication from the shop floor.