Machining Electronic Precision Parts

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Machining Electronic Precision Parts

With proven manufacturing capabilities and decades of experience, TDB Hanoi Precision is a leading supplier of high precision metal parts for the semiconductor industry and other specialized electronics markets. We work with clients on projects throughout all phases of the product cycle, from the earliest R&D stage through full production and launch. We have the skills to deliver high quality, tight tolerance parts for even the most demanding electronics applications.

Complex Metal Parts for Precision-Engineered Electronic Devices

From simple flat metal parts to fine-featured, high speed wire bond cutters, chip fab system components, and other highly complex parts, TDB Hanoi Precision can do it all. Our advanced production equipment and extensive experience enable us to maintain tolerances within one to two microns in demanding applications. We deliver superior dimensional accuracy and repeatability for even the most intricate part designs.

Our expertise in CNC machining, precision grinding and high precision lapping, wire EDM machining, and other high precision processes makes it easy for us to meet the tight tolerances your electronics components require. We work with aluminum, tool steels, exotic alloys, and a variety of other standard and specialty materials to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Electronics Parts

Thanks to our broad array of precision manufacturing capabilities, we can produce high quality two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal parts for electronic devices of all types, from semiconductor equipment to industrial products. Our production processes include:

  • Fineblanking
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Turning
  • Wire EDM
  • Precision Grinding
  • Lapping & Honing
  • Abrasive Finishing & Deburring
  • Value-Add Services
  • Subcontracted Services

Discover Petersen Precision’s Machined Electronic Components

TDB Hanoi Precision has the skills and experience to deliver highly complex, tight tolerance metal parts that match our OEM clients’ unique specifications.Learn about our capabilities and the top quality materials we work with.

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