Agricultural Machine

Agricultural Industry is ever evolving, one thing hasn’t changed at all: agricultural equipment component failure can have major implications for a project or a crop. Since agriculture parts are large and complex, all agriculture parts which are used on the agricultural equipment must be carefully worked with high demands of technical specifications including tight tolerance, ultra-high precision specifications, and the best durable materials to ensure the machines and equipment’ service life. So customized CNC machining services for agricultural equipment is very important in the agriculture parts manufacturing field, also custom CNC agricultural parts can make your equipment more competitive in the market.

CNC Agricultural Parts Manufacturer

Need agricultural CNC machined parts machined by an experienced and reliable components manufacturer? TDB Hanoi is your ideal choice from many agricultural machining CNC turned service supplier. To meet your machined parts needs in the agriculture industry, TDB Hanoi provides a wide range of high quality precision CNC turning agricultural parts & components including engine components, gear casings & housings, suspension & powertrain components and consumable parts. We work with a full range of materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, alloy, brass and bronze, utilizing CNC machining methods for part development and creation. The offered agricultural products of are widely used for different agricultural need of the clients. These CNC agricultural parts are designed with corrosion resistant body under strict industry laid norms, which are very reliable and able to provide easy installation. Moreover, we offer these parts within committed time to the clients.

Agriculture machine

Product Description Of Our CNC Machining In Agricultural Industry

CNC Agriculture Parts:
CNC Precision Turned Agricultural Parts, CNC Machined Agricultural Parts, CNC Lathe Agricultural Parts, CNC Milling Agricultural Parts, and more customized CNC Agricultural parts etc.

Surface Treatment:
Chrome plating, Anodizing, electroplating, painting, powder coating, passivate, carburize

Benefits Of our Agricultural CNC Parts
Multiple options for materials and surface treatment, Complete reliability in each step, Competitive prices

Production Equipment:
CNC lathe, CNC machining center, CNC turning machine, CNC milling machine, precision drilling machine

Chemical Components and Mechanical Properties.

Eco-friendly pp bag/PE foam/Carton boxes or wooden boxes or as customer’s specific requirements.

Wide range of CNC Materials:
Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Alloy, Brass, Bronze, etc.

CNC Machining for Agriculture Parts & Products

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Advantage of CNC Machined Agriculture Parts Production:

  • Design and production of various complex parts for customers in the electronics industry
  • Hundreds of advanced 3-5 axis CNC machine tools and various auxiliary equipment simplify the manufacturing process
  • Multiple compatible materials available for CNC electronic parts machining
  • Experienced engineers and advanced machines ensure high-precision and high- accuracy production
  • Powerful round-the-clock machine for maximum output and fast production
  • Accept rapid electronic part prototyping and mass production of CNC electronic parts