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At present, as industrialization is picking up speed in many countries, the demand for machine parts processing, mass product processing is increasing rapidly. To meet customer’s demands, CNC machining is the optimal solution.

We are committed to delivering High precision CNC Products in Vietnam, on schedule and on time.

CNC machining, precision mechanical processing is known for various types of machining, milling, turning, wire cutting, etc. However, there are a few businesses in Vietnam capable of investing in modern machine systems with high precision. The most optimal solution for businesses that need to process small and custom parts is to find CNC machining partners in the nearest area. This solution helps customers to save costs and ascertain the quality and accuracy of the product as well as ensure prompt delivery progress.

With a long history in the CNC Precision Machining and Manufacturing, TDB Hanoi currently owns modern machinery system imported from Japan and have a team of talented engineers will guarantees orders’ quality meet the need of customers.
TDB Hanoi’ CNC machining services include:
CNC milling services: Milling cover products, product billets with different materials and molds of all kinds…
Services for CNC turning
Manufacturing processing service: stainless steel molds, aluminum molds, copper molds, plastic molds, etc.
Jig manufacturing services
Drilling and cutting services
Other services: gear processing, gear bar processing, gear shaft processing, gearbox processing, screw-gear processing
Mechanical service upon request
Contact us via HOTLINE +84969-828-515 or email info@tdb.com.vn for more details!

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