TDB assert in brand by the loyalty of our customers and the happiness of our staff

We have a great team because we have discipline and a strong corporate culture. Help employees feel love their work and have a better life.

Leadership Behavior
  • Listening: TDB’s leaders always listen to the wishes and difficulties employees are facing and work together to find ways to solve them. Listen to all comments and feedback of customers & partners; remove barriers for the parties to cooperate with each other.
  • Respect: Respect each person’s work and private life. Do not discriminate against anyone.
  • Openness: TDB leaders always share and are open in all relationships: employees, customers, partners. Friendly and approachable.
  • Creating opportunities: Giving opportunities to anyone is creating opportunities for themselves. We create opportunities for employees to help them develop and orient their careers. Create opportunities for customers and TDB to cooperate with each other, and solve difficulties encountered for common goals. Create opportunities for partners to learn and look to the long term.
  • Gratitude: Be grateful for the work you are doing, grateful for the staff accompanying you. Grateful to customers and partners for choosing the company.
Employees with work
  • Passion: Passion is dedicated. No matter what employees do, they love their work and work passionately.
  • Learning: From management to employees, we learn continuously, anywhere, anytime. In addition, TDB staff receive periodic professional training, twice a month.
  • Gratitude: Be grateful for the work you are doing, and the customers you serve.
Employees with Colleagues
  • Solidarity: We are united, looking in the same direction. All for the common goal of the company.
  • Share: Share to understand. We openly share joys and sorrows to empathize and understand each other.
  • Respect, Help: At TDB, each employee is an important link. We respect and help each other when needed, both at work and in life.
  • Grow together: Management trains junior staff, experienced employees train weaker employees. Just like that, we have excellent teams professionally.
Employees with Customers
  • Support more than family: support with all the information you need and more; Regardless of the problem, we are flexible to handle it for the sake of cooperation between the parties.
  • Become good friends: Working is fun, we build a comfortable, cohesive working environment and there is no distance between employees and customers.
  • Grateful: Always know how to say thank you and be grateful to customers for choosing and accompanying me & the company.
Our Brand with Partners and Society

Each year TDB deducts a part of its revenue to help children in upland areas, children in difficult circumstances, abandoned children… all over the country. We wish to contribute our best to the future preschool of the country, the world, and society.

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