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Established in 2015, we had only 5 employees and a small capital (less than 1 billion VND). After only 3 years, we have become a reputable company providing precision mechanical spare parts for manufacturing plants. After many years of efforts, today, we have a factory of more than 2000m2 and an annual revenue of up to 70 billion VND.
Not only growing in numbers, we like children are more mature over time. It’s been a challenging journey, like adventure but also very sweet because we feel our value bring to the precision manufacturing industry in the world.
What is proud and also our difference is our excellent team: Highly specialized knowledge, flexible working. I (TDB’s director) firmly believe that they are also happy with what they have today. According to our company’s internal survey in 2022, the percentage of employees who are committed to working long-term with the company is up to 90%, which is a number not all companies have.
After many years, we have a lot of experience working with many different customers, different processed products, different materials and customers from many different countries. They have been our friends for many years now. We create a mutually supportive value circle, not just the products/services we provide. It is a valuable asset that cannot be exchanged.

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