Unveiling the Power of Conflat Flanges: 5 Key Features and Top Applications

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Unveiling the Power of Conflat Flanges: 5 Key Features and Top Applications


About Conflat Flanges

Conflat flanges, short for Conflat Vacuum Flanges, are a type of standardized flange system used in high-vacuum environments, particularly in scientific, research, and industrial applications where airtight sealing is crucial. These flanges are designed to maintain a vacuum-tight seal while connecting various components of vacuum systems, such as chambers, pipes, pumps, and measurement instruments.

About Conflat Flanges
About Conflat Flanges

Customized Conflat Flanges in Vietnam, the Best Manufacturer Of Conflat Flanges TDB Precision Vietnam

TDB Machining Tech is amongst the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality precision. We have been at the forefront of the industry, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. 

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We offer more competitive pricing at higher quantities in addition to tighter tolerances, hardware assembly, first article inspection (FAI) reporting, material certifications, and additional finishing options like anodizing and chromate plating.

It’s CNC machining designed around your project needs—whether prototyping or production.

Customized Conflat Flanges in Vietnam the Best Manufacturer Of Conflat Flanges TDB Precision Vietnam
Customized Conflat Flanges in Vietnam the Best Manufacturer Of Conflat Flanges TDB Precision Vietnam

4 Reasons to Turn to TDB Tech for Machined Production Parts

  1. Reduced Piece-Part Price with Higher Quantities

Lower your part cost when you order higher volumes of production parts.

  1. Inspection Reporting and Certifications

Get added quality assurance from conventional FAI reporting, CoC documentation, and AS9100 certification.

  1. More Finishing Options

Choose from anodizing and chromate plating for complete parts from one supplier.

  1. Supply Chain Flexibility

Avoid warehousing fees by ordering only the amount (starting at quantity 15) you need each month.

ConFlat vacuum flanges (CF) are the ideal flange choice for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. However, if a proper, tight seal is not maintained between flanges, your system will not maintain UHV pressure. 

At TDB Precision Vietnam, we already provided Connection opening stream in KF and Sterile sink sanitizing connector flange.

  • Connection opening stream in KF or have other names such as standing face, blank face with welding hole, welding drum face, welding face cap. The product is manufactured into a microorganism server, which is an accessory foot that is not used in industry. Produced by TDB Hanoi directly at the factory with ISO, JIS, DIN, AISI standards.
Special point:
Easy disassembly and quick assembly by hand without the use of KF or NW holders including two flanges, washers, rubber seals and an aluminum frame or unchanged clamp with a connecting guide wire. fast and fast connection.
Uniform pressure to connect the KF/NW flange’s 15° vacuum-cone seal allows the highest pressure to compress the rubber ring, held in place by a metal center ring, by clamp to create a foot buffer.
Quality and Size
Plane, space, connection: SS304 Material
Clamp: aluminum aluminum or SS 304
Rubber washers: Rubber, plastic materials
Size: KF10 ~ KF160, Standard JIS: NW10 ~ NW100
  • Sterile sink sanitizing connector flange

Sterile sink sanitizing connector flanges are also known by other names such as vacuum-looking flanges, blank flanges with welded holes, welded drum flanges, and welded flange covers.

The product is a vacuum accessory for industrial use designed to serve the microbiology industry.

Flange structural characteristics

KF or NW assembly includes two flanges, washers, rubber washers, and an aluminum or stainless steel clamp with a fast and fast connection.

Uniform Pressure to Act Vacuum Seal Connection – The 15° taper surface of the KF/NW flange allows uniform pressure to compress the rubber ring, which is held in place by a metal center ring and a clamp, to create a vacuum seal.

Size and material

Material: SS304 for the flange, gap, and coupling.

Aluminum or stainless steel 304 clamp. material

Rubber washers are made of rubber and plastic.

JIS Standard: NW10 NW100 Size: KF10 KF160

5 Key features and characteristics of Conflat flanges
5 Key features and characteristics of Conflat flanges

5 Key features and characteristics of Conflat flanges

  • Design and Seal

Conflat flanges are engineered to ensure an airtight and leak-free seal in high-vacuum conditions. They utilize a knife-edge sealing principle, where two flat, smooth surfaces are pressed together with an elastomeric O-ring in between. This design minimizes the risk of leaks and contamination in vacuum systems.

Conflat flanges are commonly made from high-quality materials that can withstand the extreme conditions of vacuum environments. Stainless steel is a frequent choice due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with various vacuum processes.

  • Standardization

Conflat flanges follow a standardized design and sizing system defined by the Vacuum Products Division of the Varian Corporation (now part of Agilent Technologies). This standardization ensures compatibility between different manufacturers’ components and simplifies the integration of vacuum systems.


  • Flange Types

Conflat flanges come in several types, including CF (ConFlat), CFF (ConFlat Flanged), and CFM (ConFlat Miniature) flanges. These variations cater to different sizes and specific applications within the vacuum technology field.

  • Assembly

To assemble Conflat flanges, the two flanges are brought together, and a compressible O-ring is placed between their flat surfaces. The flanges are then tightened using bolts with special washers to ensure a uniform and secure seal.

Due to their reliable sealing properties and compatibility with high-vacuum conditions, Conflat flanges are considered essential components for constructing and maintaining vacuum systems in applications where a controlled and contaminant-free environment is crucial. Their standardized design ensures that vacuum systems can be assembled and reconfigured with precision, facilitating research, experimentation, and industrial processes in the realm of vacuum technology.

In Conclusion

The flanges compress the gasket as the fastening bolts are tightened. This pressure forces the knife edges of the two flanges into the gasket, creating an annular groove. The gasket material cold flows under this pressure and fills microscopic surface imperfections on the sealing knife edges, creating a vacuum-tight seal capable of withstanding temperature extremes from -200°C up to 450°C and pressures as low as 1X10-13 Torr.

For more information on assembling ConFlat flanges, contact an TDB Precision Vietnam representative today.


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