CNC Manufacturing Checklist. Get Ready for Production

CNC Manufacturing Checklist. Get Ready for Production

When you are in a product development process and have reached the stage of prototyping or production. It’s only natural that you do your research to decide which manufacturing process is the best for you. You probably know what CNC is and understand its manufacturing possibilities, but is it your best option?

CNC Manufacturing Checklist. Get Ready for Production

To help you answer this, we have used our experience to create a CNC manufacturing checklist to support your decision-making process. Based on your previous knowledge, product qualities, production needs, and current design and supporting files you will be able to decide whether CNC is your best option or if you would get a bigger benefit by switching to a different manufacturing technology.

This checklist was created to support people like you on this process. Whether you are a freelancer, team member, entrepreneur, or run a company:

Amateurs and first-time users

At this stage, it’s likely that you have the ambition to manufacture your products but don’t have enough experience to decide, so you’re looking to learn more. You would benefit from getting comprehensive support during the decision-making stage and the ordering process to ensure that your parts get produced just as they should as well as getting support to select your potential manufacturer.

Entrepreneurs and CNC enthusiasts

If you are familiar with what CNC machining offers and believe it will be an adequate manufacturing process for your parts and products you are part of this group. You would like to confirm the appropriateness of going through a CNC machining process but are open to discovering other manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, or Injection Molding since they also offer pros.

Experienced users and SMEs.

If you belong to this group, you already know what CNC manufacturing and the manufacturing industry can offer. You have had good experiences with it and feel confident ordering a new sample or round of production. You are sure that CNC will deliver your parts the way you expect, but you want to reaffirm the suitability of CNC production before ordering.

If this is your case and your CAD file is ready, get a free quote from our quality-assured manufacturers’ network today.

CNC manufacturing checklist

We created this checklist for you based on some of the most important CNC advantages and disadvantages, the expertise of our Marketplace team, the experiences we have had through hundreds of customers using our CNC machining services, and common concerns engineers, designers and manufacturers have expressed to us.


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From idea to production

Feel free to download and share the checklist to use on your own or with your team to evaluate different aspects of your manufacturing needs and follow the recommended next steps depending on your result.

If you feel ready to produce your products and go into the production line, get a quote now. You can use the chat within the quote process to easily get support from our engineering team. You’ll receive your quote as soon as we have all the important information ready, and you’ll have access to our engineering team in case any doubts arise during the process.

If you want to book a design for manufacturing (DFM) session fill out this form and we’ll get back to you to make sure that we offer you the best advice for your case.

Get support any time by clicking on the chat icon on the lower right side of your screen to prompt the chat and get in touch with our support team to help you get your ideas made.

Find a Manufacturer

If your product is ready to jump into the production process. Whether a small business or an established company, do it with confidence. We have created a useful article to shed light on the most important topics and features. You should know when looking for a CNC manufacturer.

Get ready to make mass production part of your everyday by trusting only top manufacturing companies, like those we at Wikifactory work with.

Common fears in first-time product manufacturing

There are many common fears that people may have when manufacturing a product for the first time. Some of these fears may include:

– Fear of failure: Many people are afraid that their product will not be successful. Either because it will not be of high enough quality or because it will not be well-received by consumers.

– Fear of the unknown: Manufacturing a product for the first time can be a daunting process. Especially if the person has little experience in this area. This can lead to fears about the unknown, such as not knowing how to properly set up the manufacturing process. And how to handle unexpected problems that may arise.

– Fear of losing money: Starting a business can be expensive. And there is always the risk that the product will not be successful and the money invested will be lost. This fear can be particularly acute for people who are using their own personal savings to fund the manufacturing process.

– Fear of competition: In any market, there are always competitors who are trying to sell similar products. For someone who is manufacturing a product for the first time. The fear of competition can be overwhelming. Especially if they are not sure how to differentiate their product from others on the market.

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The Factory in your Desktop

TDB Tech has created a digital ecosystem with great user experience for designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, SMEs. Every hardware professional to develop and manufacture their parts. The products with just a computer and a wifi connection, with no minimum order quantities!

Start using our platform today and enjoy all the features we have designed to support your process. Take a look at our helpful resources section and learn more about us.

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