Top 10 5-Axis CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers In The USA

Top 10 5-Axis CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers In The USA


Top 10 5-Axis CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers In The USA

5-Axis machining is the process that uses CNC machines to transport cutting equipment or parts over five different axes same at the same time. It allows for the creation of intricate components, so five-axis CNC milling is extremely common in aerospace processes.

Top 10 5-Axis CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers In The USA

There are a lot of 5-axis CNC manufacturing companies across the USA. That makes it difficult to decide who you should choose for that next job. Therefore, we have compiled our top 10 CNC 5-axis manufacturing companies in the United States. We hope this list will help to make your choice!

1. Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd.

Yijin Hardware provides 5-axis CNC machining services to manufacture precision metal or plastic components. Yijin Hardware CNC machining services can produce complex parts using 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data using precise detail by using 5-axis CNC machines.

5-axis CNC machining is speedy for making prototypes and runs in large quantities. CNC machines are programmable and can operate completely autonomously. 5-axis CNC machining allows for the production of components from various materials in a short time and with efficiency. Fathom CNC machining services offer a range of the latest rapid CNC machining machines to make sure we satisfy your requirements for top-quality parts.

2. Dowse-Engineering

Dowse’s five-axis CNC engineering and machining expertise allows you to manufacture all of your precision machining parts with high precision, no matter how complex they might be. Dowse engineering utilizes five-axis machinery from top manufacturers, like DMG & Matsuura. Dowse-engineering’s CNC machining services are subject to its in-built quality and control methods, beginning with the delivery’s initial planning and briefing stages.

3. SuperiorJT

As a CNC 5-axis machining parts manufacturer, Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. utilizes all of the advantages of CNC to create top-quality CNC machining parts and precision-machined aerospace components. Improved speed and superior finish can be achieved by using smaller configurations. The most intricate or ruled surfaces are machined with just one step, which speeds up delivery.

Superiorjt 5-axis CNC machining services can perform machining without supervision with an integrated pallet machine, even on extremely precise machining components. When required, they may make use of the vast NADCAP supply chain for plating, heat treatment, or painting, as well as other processes and finishes that are required.

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As a CNC machining supplier in the USA, Superiorjt can make just about any shape or design with CNC cutting. Superiorjt tools can perform thousands of cuts in an hour, with each cut made from the first to the final one having the same micrometer precision. Superiorjt 5-axis CNC machining services are great for aerospace, aviation, industrial, medical, nuclear maritime, defense, and industries. Superiorjt 5 axis machining can provide complete traceability and documentation for product production to AS9100:2016, revision. D, as well as ISO9001:2015 standards.

4. Flinchbaugh

For highly precise, complex parts designed with a minimalist design, Flinchbaugh CNC machining services use equipment with 5-axis capabilities. With this multi-axis CNC machine, Flinchbaugh staff can create your CNC machined components with precision and use a single set-up that improves our time-to-market. In turn, Flinchbaugh 5-axis CNC machining services can check and ship your CNC machining parts to your place of business faster, allowing you to start your projects and operations with a minimum amount of delay.

5. Robersontool

5-Axis machining permits the creation of extremely complex shapes. As a machining parts manufacturer, Robersontool can continue producing these complicated shapes with highly skilled employees and a 5-axis CNC machine, constantly producing amazing precision machining parts that meet the best quality standards. If you require a difficult prototype to be made or have finished your design and are looking for a reliable and skilled machine shop to handle CNC manufacturing, Robersontool CNC machining services will fulfill your requirements.

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Robersontool can manufacture products made from a variety of materials. That allows for fulfilling a variety of specifications. Based on Robersontool years of experience, you will be aware that Robersontool has processes and procedures in place to measure the quality at each stage of operations. Continuously meeting high standards, Robersontool is proud to provide clients with top-quality results each time.

6. 3ERP

5-axis CNC machines provide unbeatable flexibility and speed for time-sensitive and complex machined parts. As one of the top CNC machining parts manufacturers, 3ERP’s skilled team can assist you in making your ideas come through the process, from speedy prototypes to final-use components for applications that require safety. 3ERP 5-axis and 4-axis milling capabilities allow for the creation of precise machining parts with intricate geometrical shapes.

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7. Tikprecision

Tikprecision 5-axis CNC machining services produce parts for customers across various industries. Tikprecision as a CNC machining manufacturer offered five-axis machining for:

Aircraft/Aerospace, Alternative Power, Medical Military Grade Products, Oil and Gas, Compressor, Computer Technology, Electronics, Fastener Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Industry, Marine Vehicles & Equipment, Medical Devices, Mining Industry, Military, Optics, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Sports Equipment & Technology, Testing Equipment among many more.

8. Get it made
Get it made 5-axis CNC Machining manufacturer makes it possible for parts that require a high degree of complex multi-axis to be made. In breaking down the barriers of traditional machine machining, 5- Axis CNC machining can be manufactured by Get it made with extremely precise, mission-critical components.


9. Owensind

Owens as a CNC machining company provides 5-axis CNC machinery that can achieve an angular accuracy of two-thousandths of an inch (.002deg). Owensind
CNC machining services specialize in 5-axis contour-machining, which allows one to effortlessly make “almost impossible to make” 5-axis precision machining parts. It requires more than excellent programming and machining capabilities to execute real 5-axis work. Manufacturing engineers at Owens Engineering are amazing. They repair the machines, program them, and configure them while making the parts themselves.

10. Protolabs

Five-axis indexed milling is the ideal solution for components that don’t need extreme contour controls, such as fixtures, jigs, and other parts commonly employed in manufacturing. If you’re looking to create designs with ultra-fine characteristics, then true 5-axis CNC machining could be ideal for you.

Are you unsure whether 3-axis or 5-axis indexed machining would be the right choice for you? No worries, our automated quoting system, and tool pathing software determine the most efficient method for your particular machined part’s geometry. Bring in your CAD model now for a no-cost estimate and a review of manufacturability.

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