CD Pattern Machining – A simple beauty

CD Pattern Machining – A simple beauty


Definition of CD pattern machining

Have you ever seen a traditional CD disc? You might have noticed colorful patterns on the surface of the CD as a result of light effects. Taking these effects from a CD disc to bring into machining, we now have a distinguished pattern processing called CD pattern machining. By treating a metal surface with CD pattern machining, we now can obtain effects similar to the pattern of a CD disc: Sun pattern, smooth surface pattern, and colorful pattern. Under sunlight or any light source, several rays of light along the center point will be emitted.

CD pattern machining on machined parts
CD pattern machining to make pattern of CD disc on surface of the machined parts

Application of CD pattern machining

CD pattern machining can be applied to all kinds of metal surfaces, forming a kind of high-end texture on hardware, aluminum, copper,  mobile phone case, nameplate, and other surface treatment. Basically, CD pattern machining is a kind of metal surface treatment technology; however, it is a more complex fine process in comparison with other instrument machining.

How to do CD pattern machining

A specific machining scheme should be applied because CD pattern machining is an advanced surface treatment process. First, select a high-precision CD pattern machine. An advanced machine is an initial must-have to produce qualified and satisfactory products. Second, a reasonable, safe, and effective machining method should be chosen. Since CD pattern machining is a high-grade processing technology, every step should be exact. Third, skilled worker with rich experience is the key to the success of the work.

Why develop CD pattern machining

As society is becoming more and more rich, all aspects of life start to pursue a better side, it is in this way that the development of the CD pattern processing industry. In the future, people will also pursue a more advanced way of life, and a variety of advanced machining methods will also appear.

Elements for excellent CD pattern machining

Looking at a shining workpiece in your hand with CD pattern machining on the surface, it is not simple to process as some people may think. In fact, there are technical skills in this, that is to say, to do a good job in the CD surface treatment requires a certain technical content. Let’s talk about the features of CD pattern machining.

High-quality CD pattern machining must have the following five elements:

  1. High-precision CD texturing machine;
  2. Scientific products processing fixture;
  3. Well-trained process operators;
  4. Select reasonable cutting tools;
  5. Correct cooling scheme.

High-precision CD pattern machine is suitable for machining all kinds of hardware: aluminum, copper, steel, nameplate, etc. An advanced machine is the premise for the production of qualified and satisfactory products, which can produce successful works.

Scientific product processing fixture. A number of professional engineers who have been engaged in fixture development for many years will scientifically design the fixture suitable for the production of CD patterns from the perspectives of cutting, dynamic balance, material, and thermal effect, so as to ensure the qualified rate of product processing and excellent CD pattern machining effect.

Skilled operators. High-quality process operators will fully study the product material, determine the process, and make process operation instructions before the product surface treatment of CD pattern, so as to ensure the quality stability of the CD pattern surface treatment process.

Reasonable tool selection. It is very important to select a reasonable cutting tool for the surface treatment process of CD pattern. For example, if the cutting tool is unfavorable, burr will be produced. If the angle of the cutter is not right, it will directly affect the surface treatment effect of the CD pattern product.

Correct cooling scheme. If your cooling scheme is wrong when you do the product surface CD grain treatment, even if you choose the right parameters such as grain spacing and tool. The CD pattern will not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the correct cooling scheme plays an important role in the surface treatment of CD pattern.

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