Introduction to CNC Equipment: A Comprehensive List

To maintain high tolerance and precision, you need the most modern machine and equipment. A high level of automation helps manufacturers increase productivity and reduce production times. 

AT TDB Tech, we’ve got 29 advanced CNC machines in our arsenal. Our equipment lineup features industry-renowned brands such as Hision, Brother, Mazak, Makino, and Toyosk. Let’s check out our CNC equipment list:

CNC Milling Machine: 9 Units

We’re equipped with 9 units of milling machine to cut workpieces into the desired shape. 

BrandModelQuantityType Spindle Speed
MakinoMSA40-202Vertical12000 rpm
Mori SeikiMV-402Vertical10000 rpm
HisionVMC85011/P1Vertical10000 rpm
Toyosk TVT-301S2Vertical10000 rpm
BrotherTC-S2A2Vertical10000 rpm
Gia Công Cơ Khí CNC Theo Yêu Cầu – TDB Hà Nội
Machine Type 1

CNC Turing Machines: 18 Units

BrandModelQuantityMachine TypeSpindle Speed
Mori SeikiRL-2035 Horizontal 3 Axis6000 rpm
MazakQT-305Horizontal 3 Axis6000 rpm
MazakQT-103Horizontal 3 Axis6000 rpm
TsugamiB0206-III5Horizontal 6 Axis5000 rpm
TsugamiB0205-III3Horizontal 6 Axis5000 rpm

Quality Tools and Equipment

We maintain a strict quality system. Our quality equipment includes: 

CMM Measuring01 Set400×600
2D Profile01 Set400×600
Surface Tester01 SetMitutoyo
Pin Gauge01 SetMitutoyo
Hand Tools 20 setMitutoyo
Thread Gauge 20 setCustomized


CNC Machining Inspection

CNC Designing Software

CNC machines are capable of extremely precise movements and cuts. Software is essential for translating design specifications and geometries into precise instructions. 

Here is a list of software we use:

We were blown away by the quality and accuracy of the parts. Bob Chan was quick to respond to my emails, well into the night, and we received the parts back in a short timeframe. We really couldn’t have been happier with the service. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.
Volkan Atila
CEO & Founder - CNC24

Functional Prototype and Working Prototype

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