Core values, vision, capacity development


  • With the slogan “ACCOMPANY the DEVELOPMENT” of the TDB expressed the desire to be with customers on the road to success. We understand that your trust is the most important factor to the company development.
  • Together with the manufacturer, provide the connection partner – from Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan…, the high quality service, product distribution systems, global understanding, abundant experience and modern technique, TDB Hanoi has there been recognition of clients and partner companies in the past.
  • The motto of our business brings economic value to customers. We always listen, the continuous improvement of human development training, access to new technologies and the establishment of a streamlined system to bring value to customers.
  • Our ultimate goal in business is to produce and share common success and benefit to the customer, the customer’s success is the success of our largest.


We will develop the system provides dynamic and sustainable products in Vietnam, with the development of the industry of the country based on the best quality of service towards our customers.
We look forward to becoming your company is the trust of shareholders, customers, partners by always attach great importance to dialogue, work based on the creation and use of competitive business models and meet the needs of customers.
  1. A company investors, partners and the community trust.
  2. A company is customer trust.
  3. A company is the trust provider.
  4. A company worker trust.
  5. A company is confident about the development of the corporate culture of openness and positive.
  6. A company is confident about its compliance with the law.

For the market

Besides the superior quality, value in every product-services are contained the cultural message, in order to satisfy the legitimate needs of the customer.

With regard to shareholders and partners

High spirit of cooperation and development; committed to becoming “The number 1 companion” of partners and shareholders; always increase the value of investment attractive and sustainable.

For employees

Build a professional work environment, dynamic, creative and humane; facilitating high income and fair development opportunities for all staff.

With regard to social

Harmonization of business interests with the interests of society; contribute actively to the activities towards the community, demonstrating the spirit of responsible citizenship and ethnic pride.